1461 dr martens organizes after 160 years to take on Gerry Connolly in 11th District

dr martens sandal organizes after 160 years to take on Gerry Connolly in 11th District

Peter Carey, a Defense and Security professional from Fairfax has been nominated by the newly formed Whig Party of Virginia for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia’s 11th District, currently represented by Democrat Gerry Connolly who is seeking a 6th term.

Carey has over 30 years’ experience as a Special Forces soldier, government civilian and defense contractor. Prior to his current role as business director for a major defense contractor he served for 21 years as a Green Beret. Following this he continued his service to the Special Ops community with contractor positions until he was offered a government civilian position as Program Director for the NATO Special Operations Headquarters at SHAPE in Belgium with responsibilities including multi million dollar budget oversight to facilitate NATO participation in combat operations.

Peter Carey is no stranger to politics as he has been involved for most of his life. In his hometown of Waterville, Maine, his father served as Mayor, State Representative and State Senator and his mother was the city clerk. Civic responsibility has been an underpinning value of Pete’s life, he says. His father and two brothers are also veterans and his sisters have worked in the public sector.

Carey earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Roger Williams University prior to retiring from the Army in 2006.

Representatives from across the commonwealth gathered in Warrenton just this past weekend to re constitute the Whig Party of Virginia, a party that has been dormant for 160 years, but whose time has come again, they say.

As a self professed “centrist, non partisan, independent, third party,” they say they seek to offer Virginians a practical alternative to the two party, “ideologically driven” politics of the day.

A state party affiliate of the national Modern Whig Party of America, the Whig Party of Virginia (WPVA) say they are prepared to lead.

“Both major parties are collectively to blame for the political unrest in America today. Their lack of compromise and forward thinking is divisive and has not shown representative leadership of the people, but rather of party and corporate financed loyalty,” said Chairman Tim Cotton.

“Public servants are not evil nor are they enemies of the people; members of Congress have become trapped in ties to their financial supporters, particularly corporate ones, preventing them from reaching common sense solutions that reach across political divides. I look forward to the challenge ahead in leading [the 11th District] into a prosperous era of cooperation and collaboration,” Carey said.

Comprised of Virginians who say they are tired of what has become “politics as usual,” the WPVA says it seeks to change the conversation toward common sense, solutions based politics rather than party jockeying, career politicians and corporate influence.

According to the Encyclopdia Britannica,
1461 dr martens organizes after 160 years to take on Gerry Connolly in 11th District
the original American Whig party was active from 1834 54 and espoused a program of national development but foundered on the rising tide of sectional antagonism. The Whig Party was formally organized in 1834, bringing together a loose coalition of groups united in their opposition to what party members viewed as the executive tyranny of Democrat “King Andrew” Jackson. Democrats stood for the ‘sovereignty of the people’ as expressed in popular demonstrations, constitutional conventions, and majority rule as a general principle of governing, they said, whereas Whigs advocated the rule of law, written and unchanging constitutions, and protections for minority interests against majority tyranny.

They borrowed the name Whig from the British party opposed to royal prerogatives. Jackson had shattered the National Republican Party with his victories in 1828 and 1832.

By the late 1840s the Whig coalition was beginning to unravel as factions of “Conscience” (antislavery) Whigs and “Cotton” (proslavery) Whigs emerged. In 1848 the party returned to its winning formula by running a military hero Zachary Taylor for president.

In all, the party nominated four presidents: William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler and Millard Fillmore.

Members in attendance of the new Whig party’s emergence in Virginia last weekend selected party officers Tim Cotton (Chair) of Culpeper, Lucas Keckley (Vice Chair) of Winchester, Brian Bordeaux Treasurer)of Marshall, and Andrew Franke (Secretary) of Elkton, as well as district representatives, and delegates to the national party.

Resurrecting the “old American Whig Spirit of integrity in public service,” they say 21st century Whigs stand for representative government, individual liberty, social and economic progress, modernization, public education, a vibrant legislative branch, and ongoing cooperation between the private and public sectors.

“The ability to work with members of all parties toward the common good is an attribute much needed in America today,” said Cotton. “The time has come for America to say that enough is enough, it is time for the people to take the lead.”

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1461 dr martens organizes after 160 years to take on Gerry Connolly in 11th District