black doc martens womens Villagers want more information on sewer line

doc martens price Villagers want more information on sewer line

A group of residents from the Summer Villages at the south end of Pigeon Lake want plans to install sewer systems in the villages put on hold until they get more information.

don believe there opposition to the sewer system, said Summer Village of Crystal Springs resident Darlene Bouclin. are pro information. We would information and we would like it to be accurate and we can get that information. this year, Wetaskiwin County and Summer Village representatives celebrated the completion of the first phase of the project, the regional wastewater line. At the time, it was announced that the Village of Pigeon Lake would be the first community to have sewer lines installed.

Since then, a group calling themselves the Pigeon LakeWISE Team has been distributing an information pamphlet to share information they have collected which says it will cost home owners an average of $1,400 for annual maintenance of a STEP sewer system, which will only be removing fluid and septic tanks will still have to be pumped out. They are also concerned there will not be enough velocity on the line in the winter when the population drops from 170 residents in Crystal Springs to 10 during the winter months.

may work in areas with full atime residents but in the summer village we don know if it going to work. Cadomin, Robb, Lac La Biche and Wolf Creek have problems with freezing and other issues, she said.

Bouclin, who represents Crystal Springs on this group said, been following the discussion, or lack of discussion, and have attended several council meetings looking for answers because what they hearing doesn make financial or environmental sense but neither council nor the Summer Villages of Pigeon Lake administration have been forthcoming.

They have heard it going to cost $15 million to put in the system and cost $10,000 to $15,000 to replace septic tanks in addition to $10,000 to $15,000 to hook up to the completed line.

downloads a lot of costs onto the home owners. Chipley, research officer with the County of Wetaskiwin, said they sent out a response to the Pigeon LakeWISE team circular because many of the concerns raised by the summer villagers have had County residents asking questions, however, Wetskiwin County is taking a different approach in the wastewater project.

The County will be installing a grinder system in the Village of Pigeon Lake and Viola. It grinds solids and transports them through the wastewater line.

the seasonal nature (of the villages) and the septic tanks it not a fully urbanized system but it as close as we can get, he said.

The project has been worked on for more than two decades and Chipley said the Pigeon LakeWISE team is not the first to speak against it.

been various groups that have pushed against the project for a variety of reasons, he said.

The number one concern, he said, is the cost of the system.

some people don believe they should pay at all. the County residents of the north east Pigeon Lake area, the average operating cost is between $360 to $390 per year in addition to about $125 to pump out septic tanks, but those pump outs will be lessened dramatically, said Chipley.

It will cost between $7,000 to $12,000 to connect but those costs are going to vary depending on construction costs and Chipley suspects as construction costs drop in Alberta current economic climate the costs will be less.

To help County residents pay for the connection, the County is implementing a local improvement tax and they are amortizing the costs over 25 years.

makes it cost effective. must be in support of the overall project, said Chipley, and the taxes being used to implement it. They can express support or opposition for it through a petitioning process that will be discussed at upcoming open houses over the next few months, however, Chipley pointed out that a lack of support will cause the County to lose $69,110 in provincial government funding.

The Summer Villages, however, said Chipley have reserve funds set aside and each of the five municipalities will be funding it their own way.

Residents are also wondering why Alberta Health Services has gotten involved in the project but Chipley said it not unusual for provincial government departments to be contacted in regards to municipal projects, in this case, AHS was contacted as was Alberta Municipal Affairs and Alberta Transportation.

safe disposal of sewage waste and the protection of well water from sewage contamination are of paramount importance in the protection of public health. We feel strongly that the improvement of the sewage systems in all summer villages surrounding Pigeon Lake will contribute to improved protection of human health. We have shared this rationale with the Summer Villages and with the Ministry of Health, and defer to the Summer Villages on its next steps, said AHS Central Zone Medical Health Officer Dr. Ifeoma Achebe.
black doc martens womens Villagers want more information on sewer line

dr marten bag Vilano Beach homes torn apart

doc martens work boots Vilano Beach homes torn apart

VILANO BEACH, Fla. Hurricane Irma left many homes torn apart along Vilano Beach in St. John’s County where the erosion was already severe from Hurricane Matthew and years of powerful waves. Senator Marco Rubio, checked out the damage for themselves Tuesday as Building Department officials surveyed the damage.

Senator Rubio made his way along the Coastal Highway to see the damage for himself, stopping to see a home across from 13th Avenue South that fell into the beach below.

“This is pretty dramatic looking, obviously,” said Rubio. “There will be a lot of challenges over the next few months throughout the state of Florida, clearly we are going to have to do something because this can keep happening every year.”

Rubio says he working with local lawmakers to get homeowners in the area housing assistance quickly since many won’t be able to return to their homes safely. They are still unsure which homes are salvageable.

“You can tell the difference between this one and the ones with walls,” said Rubio.

The walls he referenced worked to protect some homes nearby, but only a handful of houses along Vilano Beach have chosen to build a type of barrier.

Despite the widespread devastation you don have to go far to find help in the community. Two brothers worked hard to protect their neighbors before,
dr marten bag Vilano Beach homes torn apart
during and after the hurricane.

“It’s a natural disaster, a time of need, we have to help each other out, hopefully, the favor gets returned to you someday,” said Robert Barnes as he worked to remove debris from his neighbor’s yards.

He and his brother Quang Vo worked nonstop to help the homes along their street get the piles of debris stacked on the side of the road in hopes that the city would remove it soon.

“I’m the youngest one on the street, they can’t do it. We put sandbags before the hurricane, now we are just helping to clean up,” said Vo.

As they worked to help out their neighbor’s fire department crews continued their tireless efforts across the street on the beach to keep the community safe by blocking off areas where kids were reportedly climbing on fallen debris. They had to block off parts of the beach where decks and 4x4s were left dangling with nothing to hold them up anymore.

The city says it took four weeks to go through the damage assessment for Hurricane Matthew in 2016 so they expect the process to take about the same time. They ask residents to be patient and for visitors to the beach to steer clear of the homes as they could still fall with the worsening erosion.
dr marten bag Vilano Beach homes torn apart

dr martens 1460 w boot Vikram’s performance is the only redeeming feature of I

dr martens outlet store Vikram’s performance is the only redeeming feature of I

I is all about Vikram

Spoiler alert! I is the name of a perfume and most importantly the virus which makes the dapper Vikram unrecognizable. But that’s just for namesake. I is all about Vikram.

In cinema, actors are especially conscious of beauty and physique. So it takes guts for an actor to step forward and become unattractive to the degree of looking sick and deformed. There is a willingness to look a fool such as when Vikram strikes multiple poses to show off his muscles to the tune of Jodhaa Akbar’s “Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah”; do a fight sequence dressed only in black underwear. It’s impressive to see Vikram push the limits and his committed act alone makes the film worth a watch.

Vikram wholeheartedly goes under the skin(s) of Lingesan aka Lee, a body builder and zealous fan of a model, Diya, (Amy Jackson). The role is tailor made for Jackson who spends most of the film confidently posing for the camera in rather ridiculous clothes and dancing.

It’s a been there done that story about tapori boy loves educated, privileged girl, who initially doesn’t reciprocate his love but eventually does until tragedy strikes. It arrives collectively in the shape of a loathsome quintet: a paedophilic, perverted doctor (Suresh Gopi), a womanising model (Upen Patel), a businessman who looks an awful lot like Vijay Mallya (Ramkumar Ganesan),
dr martens 1460 w boot Vikram's performance is the only redeeming feature of I
a gay stylist (Ojas Rajani) and a body builder.

They all have issues with Lingesan aka Lee and decide the best way to get even with him is not by killing him but by robbing him off his prized looks. So a virus is injected which does the needful. Its effect is devastating. The otherwise assured Lee is a mess, physically and mentally. He seeks justice in his own disturbing manner, coming up with ingenious way to disfigure his enemies. It’s not an easy watch and it also makes Shankar’s perception of those with physical deformities disconcerting. It is validated when in the dubbed Hindi version, Lee says that it would have been better if he was killed than be left in the state he is.

Shankar doesn’t spend too much time on the significance of beauty in a romance or the emotional repercussions of it on the relationship between Lee and Diya. Instead he has villains, revenge and bloody action on his mind. We largely experience the illness from Lee’s point of view with Diya’s perspective, which would have been more fascinating. In his disfigured state, Lee doesn’t dare to be seen by Diya, certain that she wouldn’t accept him. wrong. But isn’t love above physical beauty? Or as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Not in Shankar’s view because going by the events in the first half Lee is attracted to Diya primarily for the way she looks. This contradiction makes I a hard buy for Shankar’s suggestion that looks don’t matter.

I has a share of problems, primary being its three hour long running time, plenty of which is spent in staging elaborately choreographed fight sequences one of which unfolds in China with bike stunts on rooftops. Shankar’s handling of a gay character is disconcerting. In classic Shankar style, there are far too many extravagant songs too;
dr martens 1460 w boot Vikram's performance is the only redeeming feature of I
only a couple hold your attention with our favourite being the special effects heavy “Mersalaayiten” in which Vikram fantasizes about Diya in all forms. The less said about the one paying tribute to Beauty and the Beast the better. Even AR Rahman’s score is unappealing and the background score exaggerated.

Only Vikram brings some energy to the proceedings even as you question how two models can do all the commercials in a city. An hour shorter and more time and money spent on writing a story than shooting in exotic locations such as Lexiaguo in China and this could have been fun.

vegetarian doc martens Vikings win all in volleyball finals

dr martens serena boot Vikings win all in volleyball finals

On Friday, Nov. 21 the Augustana volleyball teams travelled to Olds to battle for the provincial championship. Up first for the Vikings were the Portage Voyageurs, a team that had struggled to mount a lot of opposition against the Vikings. Augustana’s textbook offense was no match for Portage’s scramble defense, as the Vikings took the match three straight, with scores of 25 14, 25 23 and 25 22. This set up a rematch of last year’s gold medal final against the Ambrose Lions from Calgary, with whom the Vikings split the season series. Some key defensive modifications proved beneficial for the Vikings as they started out very strongly. Taking the first two games by scores of 25 19 each, the Vikings seemed to have their eyes on the league trophy early. The Lions made some key changes of their own and came out with a 25 21 win in game three. Game four was a see saw match.

The Vikings were up 11 6, but then found themselves down 19 16 before they mounted their comeback. A back and forth battle ensued as the score ended up to be 29 27 in favour of the Vikings, garnering them their eighth league championship in 12 years of play in the ACAL. Leading the way for the Vikings were Paul Ofrim (10 kills, seven stuff blocks and six digs), as well as Jon McCorquindale (10 kills, four stuff blocks and three digs). Paul Ofrim and Steve Gross were named to the ACAL First Team All Conference Team, and Evan Bollinger and Bryn Petch were named to the Second Team All Conference Squad. Congratulations to the ACAL men’s volleyball champions!The Volleyball teams traveled to Olds to better their silver medals from last season and wreak havoc on their league rivals,
vegetarian doc martens Vikings win all in volleyball finals
who took gold from them in their home gym last year.

The women faced a mediocre St. Mary’s Lightning in their semifinal. The Vikings established their block early and shut down the St. Mary’s middle offense, which was all they had in their bag. The women made quick work of the Lightning with scores of 25 17, 25 18 and 25 16. The Vikings then had to wait four hours to see the Olds women make quick work of the Ambrose team, setting up the much anticipated rematch.

On Saturday, the gym was packed and loud. The Vikings came out strong and established the block once again to shut down the Olds power hitters. The defense put up great passes for the offence to have its way with the Olds Broncos. The Vikings hitters were free to swing away, raking up the points, and game one and two victories (25 15 and 25 22). The women took a breather and Olds won the third game, 26 24. The Vikings then came out and hammered the Broncos in the fourth, 25 13. It was the women’s best league record. they won 16 matches and only dropping three sets all year. This was the women’s eighth gold in 12 years. Amy Schumacher and Nikita Kalonji were named to the Second Team All Conference. Dallas Smith and Christie Comeau were named to the First Team All Conference and Jessica Ryan earned top honours, garnering the most votes in the league. Congratulations to the women’s volleyball team!On the weekend, the Augustana Vikings played two home games against the Grande Prairie Regional College Wolves.

On Friday, the Vikings came out hard in the first quarter but were still down 22 18 to the visiting Wolves. Unfortunately for the Vikings, Grande Prairie responded in the next 10 minutes by firing back with 28 second quarter points. The Vikings never fully recovered and the final score was 93 63 for the Wolves. Player of the game was Amy Tweedie, with a double double of 10 points and 13 rebounds. Genna Flinkman also played well for the Vikings,
vegetarian doc martens Vikings win all in volleyball finals
dropping six dimes with only two turnovers. Jamie Sparrow was the top scorer for the Vikings with 20 points.

ebay dr martens size 5 Vikings will play NFC championship game at Philadelphia

dr martens triumph 1914 Vikings will play NFC championship game at Philadelphia

Burgum’s Kilbourne Group doesn’t own most of downtown FargoOtter Tail Power Company names Todd Wahlund Chief Financial OfficerAmerican Federal Promotes Adam BraunbergerlifestyleHeadlinesAway from Home: Key West, FloridaFuture smart homes will have roll up TVs, brain wave baths and so much more cool stuffNew storms whip up memories of old onesFargo VA to hold veterans town hall, claims clinicBIO Girls melds mentoring, fitness and faith

MINNEAPOLIS After beating the Saints on Sunday, the Vikings will head to Philadelphia.

The Eagles’ 15 10 win Saturday over Atlanta in a divisional playoff game assured they will play host to the NFC championship game on Jan. 21.

Minnesota, the No. 2 seed in the NFC, beat No. Bank Stadium in the other divisional playoff.

The Vikings did not meet the Eagles during the regular season. After starting 5 0 in 2016, they lost 21 10 at Philadelphia. Overall, Minnesota lost eight of its final 11 games last season to finish 8 8.

The Vikings are 0 3 in the playoffs against the Eagles. They lost 31 16 in 1980 and 27 14 in 2004 in the divisional round. They fell 26 14 in a wild card game in 2008.

The Vikings did not meet the Eagles during the regular season. After starting 5 0 in 2016, they lost 21 10 at Philadelphia. Overall, Minnesota lost eight of its final 11 games last season to finish 8 8.

The Vikings are 0 3 in the playoffs against the Eagles. They lost 31 16 in 1980 and 27 14 in 2004 in the divisional round. They fell 26 14 in a wild card game in 2008.
ebay dr martens size 5 Vikings will play NFC championship game at Philadelphia

1460 dr martens Vigo County 911 new software

doc marten factory shop Vigo County 911 new software

Speech to Text for Vigo County 911 new software

Below is the closed captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

they say it could help save lives every day. nat “9 1 1 what’s your emergency” dispatchers work hard every day to make sure lives are being saved. the new “locution” software wil allow dispatchers to type in all information from a 9 1 1 call. then it will be “immediately” sent out on the scanner by a computer voice. whereas before. dispatchers would have to speak the information over the scanner themselves. “when somebody calls in they have to ask the questions,
1460 dr martens Vigo County 911 new software
put it in the system and then start dispatching. this new systems gonna do it automatically.” this helps fire departments and “e m s” workers have clearer communication . and it saves time!
1460 dr martens Vigo County 911 new software
saving up to “two” minutes. which is crucial when it comes to saving someone’s life. “seconds count especially when in a trauma or a heart attack or in a stroke. seconds absolutely count.” the program costing around one hundred 68 thousand dollars. was approved by the vigo county commissioner’s this week. the money will come directly from 9 1 1 funding. “this is an expensive project but i know the fire departments are well in need of it to help them out and to help the citizens of the county.” mcmullen says fire departments have been requesting a system like this for quite some time. and they know it’s going to pay off . “it’s going to get us to where we need to be quicker. give us our information quicker. so we’re excited about it too” e m s says it will not only help save lives. but eliminate voice traffic and confusion over the scanners. helping them get to the person needing help even faster. “the sooner we can get there the sooner we can get somebody to definitive care at the hospital the better outcome we’re going to have for that patient” the dispatch center says there are already many programs like this across the state of indiana. the new program will be implemented by spring time. back to you. [b4]x flu alert vo main mon flu season isn’t going

dr martens shoes clearance Vigil planned as Licking Valley grapples with deaths of three recent graduates

dr martens patent leather Vigil planned as Licking Valley grapples with deaths of three recent graduates

HANOVER The Licking Valley community is reeling after the deaths of three recent graduates.

Licking Valley Superintendent Dave Hile said the community is in shock after the deaths of 2013 graduate TommyWogan, 22,Jan. 27;2012 graduate Andy Clark, 23,Monday;and 2016 graduate Steven Jervis, 20, on Wednesday.

Hile said many of the families in the Licking Valley community know each very well, and teachers know their students very well because there is not a lot of staff turnover.

“This is a very, very sad thing,” Hile said. “To have one is a tragedy and then to have three in the same week, it’s just hard for people to to even process it.”

Thomas Richard Wogan Obituary on The Advocate

Wogan “took his own life,
dr martens shoes clearance Vigil planned as Licking Valley grapples with deaths of three recent graduates
” according to his obituary, and the vigil will address suicide.

The vigil is organized by Aaron Finklea, who graduated with Wogan and knew Clark and Jervis as well.

Finklea said he wanted to hold a vigil to bring people together so they know they are not alone.

“I just wanted people to come together,” he said. “If anybody else that wassuffering from depression or having these thoughts of taking their own lives or anything that they wanted to talk about, just know that someone is going to be there to talk to you.”

Penny Sitler, executive director of Mental Health America of Licking County, said the vigil is a wonderful idea.

IN OTHER NEWS: Licking Heights coach: Kneeling before anthem reaction to ‘build up’

SEE ALSO: Arrest made in string of Newark home burglaries

“I hope that’s really helpful to people who have impacted by this,” she said.

MHA of Licking County will have members of itsLocal Outreach to Suicide SurvivorsTeamat the vigil, as well as distributing resources that list signs of suicide and numbers to call if a person is in need of help.

Hile said counselors have been available at the high school as well as the middle and elementary schools.

“Some of these former students have siblings here, relatives here, neighbors so we’ve let everybody know that counselors are available if they need to see them,” he said.

The district has also posted mental health resources on its Facebook page.

Pathways of Central Ohiovisitedthe high school Thursday and Friday. Hile said high school health classes are going to address mental health, and the district is planning an event to have aconservation with all high school students about the topic.
dr martens shoes clearance Vigil planned as Licking Valley grapples with deaths of three recent graduates

doc martens size 4 Vigil for Kelsie Schelling on Saturday at noon

doc martens school shoes Vigil for Kelsie Schelling on Saturday at noon

As a small child, I remember watching you as your electric personality became more defined. Your actions, sense of humor, intelligence, and love of God and family were but whispers of the woman you would become. I was full of anticipation as I immersed myself in each of your milestones.

I helped pick up the pieces when you got your heart broken over the years, applied the bandages when you fell and scraped your knees, shared your laughter which was always infectious, and admired your courage as you ran head first facing new adventures and challenges.

You will always be part of my happiest memories and evoke deep emotions. Although I could appreciate the precious gift of your love and spirit for 21 years, I truly feel cheated out of a life that held so much promise.

I promise I will continue to search for you and to seek justice. It was not my choice to survive without you, but it is now my choice to stand up for you and give you a voice until you return home one more time.
doc martens size 4 Vigil for Kelsie Schelling on Saturday at noon

doc martens shoes ebay Viewership of ‘O’Reilly Factor’ drops without Bill O’Reilly

doc martens mary jane Viewership of ‘O’Reilly Factor’ drops without Bill O’Reilly

NEW YORK (AP) Through four days of Bill O vacation, his show viewership declined by 23 percent in the hands of substitutes Dana Perino, Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld.

O is on a nearly two week vacation at the same time Fox News Channel parent company looks into a woman accusation that her career was slowed when she spurned his advances. Dozens of his show advertisers have fled following reports of harassment settlements paid to other women. O has denied any wrongdoing.

Despite the vacation, the pressure is staying on O and 21st Century Fox, which is looking into at least one complaint about his behavior. The Wall Street Journal a newspaper owned by the same Murdoch family that owns Fox News Channel reported late Tuesday that Fox executives were to cut ties with O A spokesman for 21st Century Fox declined to comment to the AP.

Earlier, attorney Lisa Bloom said she was representing a former clerical worker at Fox who complained that day to a hotline established at Fox about O behavior during her six months working there in 2008.

The woman, who is African American, said O referred to her as chocolate at one point when they were together alone, made grunting noises and leered at her cleavage and legs, Bloom said. The woman said she never had a direct conversation with O woman, who is not contemplating any legal action, reported being stressed and disillusioned about her job and believed she would be fired if she complained to anyone, Bloom said.

Marc Kasowitz, O attorney, said that it was that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened almost a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially where there is obviously an orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr. O and enrich themselves through publicity driven donations. wasn immediately clear who he was referring to.

Bloom, who represents another woman who has complained about O behavior, said she is not taking payment for the O cases.

Later, Kasowitz said O has been subject to a campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in more than 70 years. He said he had evidence that a smear campaign is being orchestrated by organizations, but he didn immediately release any.

Nielsen company figures show that so far, viewers aren as interested in O Factor without O Perino has done the best, with her 3.15 million viewers on Monday down 16 percent from O performance a week earlier. Bolling also showed a 16 percent drop from O a week earlier, and he reached 3.11 million viewers. Carlson usually benefits from O strong lead in.

Still, the substitutes beat their cable news competition. And Fox pointed out that the network finished last week ahead of all cable networks in viewership, as it has for much of this year.

O viewership spiked in the days following an April 2 New York Times report on the harassment allegations. In the week that followed, viewership increased to an average of 3.71 million, up 12 percent from the week before the report and 28 percent over the same week in 2016.

O averaged nearly 4 million viewers a night for the first three months of 2017, his best performance ever. Viewership tends to drop with the arrival of daylight savings time.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, a women group said it planned to hire an airplane with a banner, as well as drop off petitions at Fox News Channel New York headquarters, calling for O to lose his job at the network. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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doc martens shoes ebay Viewership of 'O'Reilly Factor' drops without Bill O'Reilly

red dr martens shoes Viewer programming contact information

yellow doc martens Viewer programming contact information

Today Show Information To submit a birthday request for a chance to be nationally recognized on TODAY, please brieflyfill out the birthday application (located below) and attach a non returnable, sharp, medium size, recent color photo of your loved one(s). Your submission will not be considered unless all of the information is included. Please do not send in more than one submission per celebrant.PLEASE NOTE: Willard receives several hundred requests each week and can announce only a selected few. If your request is honored, you will receive a call from our office to confirm the date the announcement will air. If you do not get a call from us, it means your celebrant was not selected and instead, will receive a very nice congratulatory letter from Willard in the mail (so long as you fill out the form correctly). Thank you and good luck!NBC Studio Tour (NY) Rockefeller Center Tour Since 1933, the NBC Studio Tour has offered this historic experience that takes you through the halls and into the studios of NBC’s New York operations! On the NBC Studio Tour journey through 30 Rockefeller Plaza, you will visit the NBC Sharp Globe Theater, Broadcast Operations,
red dr martens shoes Viewer programming contact information
the Make up Room, and even produce your very own news and weather program in the High Definition Mini Control Studio!Due to a series of extensive upgrades and renovations at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, that will impact our ability to provide a quality experience, the NBC Studio Tour will suspend operations starting on January 1st, 2014 through mid 2015. Tickets to the monologue rehearsal will be handed out in the NBC Experience Store (30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY) every day at 12:30 PM. Please include all contact information and do not request a specific date. If you are selected, you will receive two tickets to a random show date and time. You may only send one email per household and all audience members must be at least 16 years of age. Please note that entering the lottery does not guarantee tickets, and you will only be notified in the event that you are chosen.Stand by tickets are distributed at 7am on the 48th st. side of 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the mornings of the show. You may choose a stand by ticket for either the 8pm dress rehearsal or the 11:30pm live broadcast. Aside from minimal, necessary breaks, all stand by line members must remain in line at all times. Stand by tickets are limited to one per person and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Every member of the line is required to present a valid photo ID when the ticket is issued,
red dr martens shoes Viewer programming contact information
as well as at the return time. Please note that all tickets are non transferrable and non exchangeable. NBC staff reserves the right to revoke or not issue any ticket to anyone in line if proper procedures are not followed. Please arrive no later than 7:15pm for the dress rehearsal or 10:45pm for the live show. A stand by ticket does not guarantee admission and no one under the age of 16 will be admitted.