doc marten serena Let’s Hope Dallas County Democratic Party’s Ballot Screw

doc martens 1490 Let’s Hope Dallas County Democratic Party’s Ballot Screw

Contact Us,Let not you and me try to answer the question of whether 2018 will see a huge, biblical, roaring, wrathful, tsunami sized day of reckoning for Republicans in which they will be abraded from the surface of the earth. For the sake of conversation, we take that as a given.

And just for grins, let also assume the Republicans see it coming. So if we right, what should Democrats be doing to get ready?

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The other way they could go and this brings it home to our Dallas County Democratic Party is just drinking. They could have their feet up. They could be watching hog hunt videos and telling knock knock jokes. In other words and in the case of our local Democratic Party, this could be business as usual.

How would those of us who are not active in the Dallas County Democratic Party know which way it going super vigilance or the knock knock jokes? Here an example. Pretty much the sole job of the local party is to get candidates on the ballot. The process for doing that does not change.

People who want to run for office in the Democratic primary elections in March have to produce a requisite number of signatures on petitions, then apply to the Texas secretary of state to be included on the ballot. Their applications to be on the ballot have to be signed by the chairperson of the county Democratic Party. The petitions that candidates present for themselves have to be vetted to make sure there hasn been any hanky panky with the signatures. Then the applications the candidates send to the state must bear the signature of the chairperson of the county party.

To someone looking in from outside the process, the whole thing may look like a bunch of bureaucratic overkill, but it not. You have seen all the attention paid to allegations of vote fraud in recent election cycles. Some people think it a real deal. Some people don But everybody knows it a real item of contention.

All of this signing and vetting and attention to detail in the paper trail is a way to create a bulletproof process that will withstand allegations and challenges. It not unlike the chain of evidence principle in criminal matters: You go through steps and keep everything super straight because you know if you don somebody will use every little slip up against you.

Then we take all of this attention to detail and carefulness under ordinary circumstances and imagine what we would need to be doing now, with a bloody biblical tsunami approaching. Let’s imagine we are the chairperson of the Dallas County Democratic Party.

We know that the other side fears it going to be abraded from the surface of the earth. We know they are flat hoping we will get run over by a bus. We know they are scouring us for every leak, loophole and penny ante goof up they can use to slow us down until the bus gets here.

What would it mean about us and our party, the Democratic Party, if we were to screw up the signatures on 128 ballot applications, including all of our top name candidates, and, by the way, screw them up in a fashion that invites allegations of forgery? I ask, of course, because that is exactly what Dallas County Democratic Chairwoman Carol Donovan has done, enabling Dallas County Republicans to sue to have all 128 candidates disqualified by the state.

And yes, I agree, we will keep our shirts on about this because we know that the courts, if it gets to that, are not going to rub out 128 legitimate Democratic candidates because of one stupid mistake. Well, maybe 128 stupid mistakes. At least we assume that. If we ever saw a desecration of basic democracy that monumental, I say it might be time to toss some suitcases in a wheelbarrow and start walking toward Canada.
doc marten serena Let's Hope Dallas County Democratic Party's Ballot Screw