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By Leonard Ernsbarger This column is long overdue; it needs to be written to recognize a special 4 H member for an award that was presented to her at 4 H recognition night held in October. One of the important events in 4 H is recognition night. It is a time when 4 H members and leaders are recognized for their accomplishments and achievements. The 4 H members have many accomplishments during their 4 H career. The hall of fame is a special program sponsored by the Missouri 4 H Foundation, giving special recognition to those who have contributed a lot to 4 H.

Fourth of July food stand provides funding (5/10/13)

The last column, I wrote was “Annual McGennis Youth Center report out,” published April 23, after just receiving The McGennis Youth Center Annual Report for 2012. It was handed out at the recently held annual board meeting. This is a continuation of discussing the annual report.

Annual McGennis Youth Center report out (4/23/13)

Someone recently asked me about the McGennis Youth Center and I thought that I would take her the Youth Center’s annual report that I had received a few months ago. That would give her some additional information. I went back to the office and there was the 2012 McGennis Youth Center Annual Report that I had received. A year had passed and the annual meeting had been held. I had forgotten that it was time for the annual meeting.

After eating he would say ‘That was good’ (2/14/13)

Recently two readers of my personal columns asked me about my columns. I just flat out haven’t gotten them written. This column is somewhat different than most of the columns I have written. I have never dedicated any of my columns in the past, but I am dedicating this one to the late Del Potter.

When writing a column, I sometimes have a subject in mind, but sometimes a different event or thought comes to me and I write about another subject. That is what happen with this column. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the Southwest Missouri Swimming Championships held at Hillcrest High School in Springfield.

It is now Medicare open enrollment (10/24/12)

Since it is now the Medicare open enrollment period, it is appropriate to talk about this special period that occurs once a year. Open enrollment started on Oct. 15 and will end on Dec. 7. Much of what I am writing about is a repeat from last year.

Morgan Ernsbarger receives 4 H Community Service Award (10/17/12)

Last Saturday night the 4 H Recognition Night was held as the conclusion of National 4 H Week. Several awards were presented to members and leaders for their accomplishments. One of the awards presented was the Leonard Ernsbarger Community Service Award.

The revolution of responsibility (10/10/12)

It has been several weeks, months, since I have shared a personal column with you. Last week I received a challenge from one of our prominent professional leaders asking why I had not been writing my columns and he said that he wants to read more columns. I had fully intended to write one last week, but did not get it done. My reply was that I had to get one written for this week, because this is National 4 H Week, Oct. 7 13,
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and I consider it to be an important subject.

My 4 H kids are having a reunion (7/11/12)

A few weeks ago, I received a call from Phyllis Sprenkle to let me know that Patty Dawson Albright was in town. Both were former 4 H members during my career. Patty was an active member in my early days in Vernon County. I was pleased to get the call and asked where they were and I soon met with them.

There are children who, when it comes to reading or other tasks find it difficult and they just do not get it. It may not be their fault, but is the result of a learning disability. Many of these students are intelligent, but they still have difficulty.

Health care reform, part 3 (6/9/10)

The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in March, even with the polls showing that most people were against the legislation. Many of the law makers were not aware of what the act contained, even when voting for it.

Health reform bill, part 2 (5/26/10)

The Patient and Affordable Care Act has been signed into law. This became the law even though, according to polls, most citizens opposed it and even with most of those in congress not reading the bill and knowing what it contained. The battle has been won by those in favor of the law, but most likely the war will go on for years.

McGennis Youth Center annual report part 3 (5/5/10)

This is the third in a series of columns with information taken from the McGennis Youth Center 2009 Annual Report which was presented at the annual Mary A. McGennis Agricultural Park and Youth Center board meeting. This is also last in the series, and future columns will include other subjects. There is additional information in the report that will not be included in these columns.

McGennis Youth Center annual meeting (4/22/10)

Each year the Mary A. McGennis Agricultural Park and Youth Center board holds its annual meeting. Recently, Virginia Habjan asked me if I wanted a copy of the annual report. I told her that I had one, but I wanted to give a copy to another person,
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so she me left a copy at the University Extension Center. .

Medicare supplement modernization will take effect in June part 2 (4/7/10)

The Medicare supplement modernization that begins June 1 will bring about the biggest change to Medicare since Part D was added in 2005. Medicare is an important subject for a large proportion of the population in this area it is especially important for those on Medicare or those with a parent on Medicare.