all white dr martens Meet new head for Carlisle secondary school

dr martens pascal boot Meet new head for Carlisle secondary school

United Learning leaders Jon Coles and the school sponsor’s north regional director Derek Davies said: “Following a recruitment exercise that attracted strong candidates from across the country, we are very pleased to announce that we have appointed Mr Richard McGuire as Principal of Morton Academy.

“Mr McGuire will be known to everyone at Morton, having been part of the senior leadership team over the past eight years and we are sure that his appointment will be widely welcomed by parents, staff and students.”

They said that during the recruitment process they were “struck by Mr McGuire’s commitment to Morton,
all white dr martens Meet new head for Carlisle secondary school
his understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the school and his level of ambition for continuing the progress that has been made since the school joined United Learning.”

Mr McGuire has taught in a number of the city’s schools during his career.

Mr Coles and Mr Davies also praised his contribution to Morton Academy’s recent successes, adding that he has been “integral to the planning and delivery of improvements”.

Richard McGuire has said that he is “delighted”.

“Over the past few years, as part of United Learning, the academy has seen considerable improvement and the whole school community has helped to create a culture of success and ambition,
all white dr martens Meet new head for Carlisle secondary school
” said Mr McGuire.

“I am very much looking forward to taking up this new post at Easter and building on our ‘good’ Ofsted and the excellent foundations that have been laid for further progress.”

Mr McGuire will now work closely with principal Des Bird over the next half term to ensure a “smooth and productive transition” before taking up the lead role at Easter.

Mr Coles and Mr Davies added: “We would like to congratulate him on his appointment and we look forward to the school continuing on its current trajectory under his leadership.”