dr martens boots uk Media buying enters digital age

dr martens safety shoes Media buying enters digital age

Media and communications agency Ikon Communications has released a new proprietary technology based media trading management system, Ikon Trademark.

Ikon’s head of trading, Paul Simpson, developed the system based on similar models used by the Australian Stock Exchange. Ikon Trademark is a fully automated central intelligence source that is an electronic warehouse of all client related campaign data.

Ikon Communications is one of the first media companies to streamline media trading and tracking operations electron ically. Until now, the media buying industry has been surrounded by a level of ambiguity on its ability to quantify results. Clients are now demanding greater clarity and transparency in media trading and Ikon Trademark provides a new level of clarity, accountability and efficiency.

Mr Simpson said Ikon Trademark was highly flexible and able to grow with clients’ increasing demands for insightful information.

“Ikon Trademark enables the client to evaluate and refine its communication planning to achieve the best return on investment for individual clients. Ikon Trademark is a smart and fast operating system that provides a number of benefits to Ikon Communications and its clients,” he said.

“It has the unique ability to track economic trends and access historical data. Ikon Communications is able to use these . . . to plan client campaigns based on similar economic periods.

“It will provide clients with access to current and historical campaign details and results,
dr martens boots uk Media buying enters digital age
and is based on an agreed set of audited benchmarking rules for each client, which are applied to every communications channel to provide a value for each media trade.”

He said with all performance based reports running off tailored benchmarking rules, and reporting everything at dollar level, the end result provided far more precise and credible information than currently available.

“It is a vital tool in risk management, enabling Ikon Communications to pinpoint knowledge of a campaign performance and identify poorly performing areas and address them immediately,” Mr Simpson said.

“This risk management capability provides Ikon Communications with greater flexibility when planning and monitoring each individual campaign.”

Traditionally, the manual process of media buying has often resulted in clients’ data history leaving the company when personnel leave. Trademark gives Ikon the ability to retain this history in one centrally accessible database.
dr martens boots uk Media buying enters digital age