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Following the recent retirement of Rowan Circuit Clerk Jim Barker, I, as Chief Circuit Judge for the 21st Judicial Circuit, requested that any Rowan County citizen who had taken and passed the Dec. 2, 2017, Circuit Clerk’s examination, apply for the temporary appointment to be interim Rowan County Circuit Clerk for the remainder of the current term, which will end upon certification of the November 2018 General Election.

Three qualified Rowan County citizens submitted their names for the appointment. Rowan County is very fortunate to have three individuals who are qualified to perform this very difficult job and interested in serving the its citizens.

These include, but are not limited to: accepting the initiating documents for civil law suits, criminal actions and domestic actions; receiving, file stamping and accurately filing all documents pertaining to each case; accepting filing fees, restitution and fines; accounting for said monies and mailing said monies to the appropriate person or agency; calling in jurors and assisting the Court in petit and grand jury empanelment; documenting and recording events which occur on the record in District and Circuit Court, as well as recording verbal orders of sane while attending each and every proceeding in District and Circuit Court; preparing driver’s licenses and ensuring that those who receive driver’s licenses are in fact eligible to drive and do not have a suspended license in Kentucky or elsewhere; as well as other tasks, including managing approximately 12 employees on a daily bases, managing vacations, discerning appropriate disciplinary actions and ensuring payroll and timesheets are correct.

Given the entirety of the responsibilities the Office is charged with, it is important that the interim Circuit Clerk be capable of easily transitioning into the role in order to best serve the citizens of Rowan County.

As Chief Circuit Judge, I did not have to solicit interest in the appointment; however, I believed that a fair and open process giving those qualified an opportunity to apply for the interim position, was in the best interest of Rowan County.

Having done so, and being impressed by the qualified applicants’ range of experience, I have decided to officially appoint Kim Barker Tabor to the interim position of Rowan County Circuit Clerk.

Ms. Tabor has been Chief Deputy Rowan Circuit Clerk for over 12 years and has worked in the Rowan Circuit Clerk’s Office for (24) twenty four years; she has experience with every responsibility the Office is charged with; additionally she has extensive training specifically as it relates to Circuit Court Clerk duties and has been entrusted to oversee the day to day operations of the Office as well as larger tasks such as the transitioning phase from the old Courthouse to the new Judicial Center in 2011. I am confident that Ms. Tabor can provide a seamless transition, requiring no learning curve, that will best serve Rowan County.
dr martens white shoes Maze appoints Circuit Clerk