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doc martens price Villagers want more information on sewer line

A group of residents from the Summer Villages at the south end of Pigeon Lake want plans to install sewer systems in the villages put on hold until they get more information.

don believe there opposition to the sewer system, said Summer Village of Crystal Springs resident Darlene Bouclin. are pro information. We would information and we would like it to be accurate and we can get that information. this year, Wetaskiwin County and Summer Village representatives celebrated the completion of the first phase of the project, the regional wastewater line. At the time, it was announced that the Village of Pigeon Lake would be the first community to have sewer lines installed.

Since then, a group calling themselves the Pigeon LakeWISE Team has been distributing an information pamphlet to share information they have collected which says it will cost home owners an average of $1,400 for annual maintenance of a STEP sewer system, which will only be removing fluid and septic tanks will still have to be pumped out. They are also concerned there will not be enough velocity on the line in the winter when the population drops from 170 residents in Crystal Springs to 10 during the winter months.

may work in areas with full atime residents but in the summer village we don know if it going to work. Cadomin, Robb, Lac La Biche and Wolf Creek have problems with freezing and other issues, she said.

Bouclin, who represents Crystal Springs on this group said, been following the discussion, or lack of discussion, and have attended several council meetings looking for answers because what they hearing doesn make financial or environmental sense but neither council nor the Summer Villages of Pigeon Lake administration have been forthcoming.

They have heard it going to cost $15 million to put in the system and cost $10,000 to $15,000 to replace septic tanks in addition to $10,000 to $15,000 to hook up to the completed line.

downloads a lot of costs onto the home owners. Chipley, research officer with the County of Wetaskiwin, said they sent out a response to the Pigeon LakeWISE team circular because many of the concerns raised by the summer villagers have had County residents asking questions, however, Wetskiwin County is taking a different approach in the wastewater project.

The County will be installing a grinder system in the Village of Pigeon Lake and Viola. It grinds solids and transports them through the wastewater line.

the seasonal nature (of the villages) and the septic tanks it not a fully urbanized system but it as close as we can get, he said.

The project has been worked on for more than two decades and Chipley said the Pigeon LakeWISE team is not the first to speak against it.

been various groups that have pushed against the project for a variety of reasons, he said.

The number one concern, he said, is the cost of the system.

some people don believe they should pay at all. the County residents of the north east Pigeon Lake area, the average operating cost is between $360 to $390 per year in addition to about $125 to pump out septic tanks, but those pump outs will be lessened dramatically, said Chipley.

It will cost between $7,000 to $12,000 to connect but those costs are going to vary depending on construction costs and Chipley suspects as construction costs drop in Alberta current economic climate the costs will be less.

To help County residents pay for the connection, the County is implementing a local improvement tax and they are amortizing the costs over 25 years.

makes it cost effective. must be in support of the overall project, said Chipley, and the taxes being used to implement it. They can express support or opposition for it through a petitioning process that will be discussed at upcoming open houses over the next few months, however, Chipley pointed out that a lack of support will cause the County to lose $69,110 in provincial government funding.

The Summer Villages, however, said Chipley have reserve funds set aside and each of the five municipalities will be funding it their own way.

Residents are also wondering why Alberta Health Services has gotten involved in the project but Chipley said it not unusual for provincial government departments to be contacted in regards to municipal projects, in this case, AHS was contacted as was Alberta Municipal Affairs and Alberta Transportation.

safe disposal of sewage waste and the protection of well water from sewage contamination are of paramount importance in the protection of public health. We feel strongly that the improvement of the sewage systems in all summer villages surrounding Pigeon Lake will contribute to improved protection of human health. We have shared this rationale with the Summer Villages and with the Ministry of Health, and defer to the Summer Villages on its next steps, said AHS Central Zone Medical Health Officer Dr. Ifeoma Achebe.
black doc martens womens Villagers want more information on sewer line