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will be a lot of people coming and going in the second week of January. But, by next week we have 25 per cent less, and the week after, traffic will drop another 25 per cent, and by February we be back to the numbers we had before the new year. The numbers will be comprised of new and returning faces. it comes to joining a gym in January, some people are joining for the wrong reasons. If you come in and join in July, it because you want to, not because of a resolution. Resolutions are great, but it has to be the right time for you. does have a few tips and tricks to help people stick with their resolutions.

try to make all the changes at once. Say you trying to quit smoking, commit to the gym six days a week and eat only whole foods. If you stressed or upset or just need a little something, you won have any of those go tos if they taken away immediately. top five tips include:

Don try to change too much at once

Find a buddy, preferably someone who will hold you accountable

Identify the things in your lifestyle that may prevent you from committing to the resolution.

Resolution 2: I going to quit smoking this year.

She says quitting smoking is the best decision a person can make,
doc martens 1460 black here are some tips to keep your new year
and there are usually three main reasons that inspire them to quit.

first is usually because a doctor or a health care professional has told them to quit. Second might be because they had a health event like a heart attack or have been admitted to hospital because of their breathing. And third would be because family or friends have raised their concerns about the habit. great place to start is by keeping the home, car and workplace smoke free, and then have the house or car cleaned so the smell isn there to encourage getting

She suggests changing routine. you had a cup of coffee every morning and then a cigarette right after, try having your coffee in another room or after your coffee go for a walk. other tips include:

Reward yourself as you see success

Try an activity or distraction when you have a craving

Put the money you save by quitting in a jar and don touch it. By the end of the year you might be able to go on the trip you didn think you be able to afford.

MacAulay says it important to remember slip ups happen. they do happen, try determining what caused you to smoke. 3: I going to eat healthier this year

Angela Dawson, a registered dietician who works out of the Summerside and West Royalty Superstores, says when it comes to resolutions, important not to overhaul your entire diet. Start by making small changes by picking one area to focus on. Many people who ask Dawson for diet help are concerned about weight loss, general healthy eating, disease management or prevention, and meal planning. Remember that barriers and roadblocks are going to present themselves, she warns.

Angela Dawson throws together a rainbow fruit salad at her dietician booth in the Summerside Superstore. Dawson is a registered dietician with the company and provides one on one consultations and group classes.

Remember the 80:20 rule: 80 per cent of your diet is healthy foods,
doc martens 1460 black here are some tips to keep your new year
20 per cent is less healthy foods.