next dr martens Here Are the Latest Road Conditions and Emergency Information

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New Media Producer: Kerry Corum

UPDATE, 6:15 AM TUE: If all your holiday trash is still sitting at the curb, don worry, help is on the way.

The snowstorm combined with the Christmas holiday naturally put a huge wrench into the pick up schedule. But BFI says they be out Tuesday morning taking care of Monday customers. So they be running one day behind.

BFI haulers also say, residents can help make it a bit easier for their trucks to get the job done, by clearing the snow from areas around the curb. Onyx hauling, with customers in Jasper and Evansville, says they pretty much on schedule.

UPDATE, 6 AM TUE: Slowly, the Tri State is getting back to normal after last week winter storm.

The last of the emergency declarations were lifted Monday and even the mail is moving again. But those letter carriers need your help.

On Monday, postal workers were loading up for a busy day in the snow. They tell us they hope to be able to make all their home deliveries from here on out. But they say if you shovel off your porches, sidewalks and driveways, it will makes it a lot easier for them to get to you.

UPDATE, 6PM MON: Heavy snow collapsed the roof at Kentucky Kenlake marina in Marshall County.

Forty six boats were damaged and another covered area of the marina is also in danger of caving in under the ice and snow.

No one was hurt. Owners are now trying to keep the damaged boats from sinking.

Vehicle owners trying to get their buggy out of a snow bank, or trying to retrieve it from the towing service are having a tough time.

John Hamrick with Hamrick Towing Service says they have turned down nearly a thousand requests for service since the storm began last Wednesday. He says there are so many vehicles on the lots at the various towing services that it going to take awhile to dig out vehicles that were towed early on, and are now sitting at the back of their lots.

UPDATE, MON 9:00 AM: Overnight freezing temperatures have left roads icy and extremely dangerous. Several roads are closed temporarily due to some severe accidents. Please use extreme caution when navigating even the main roads, as crews work to get them cleared. And remember, some ice patches can be seen until it too late.

Also, keep in mind that BFI will be running one day behind schedule, as they resume trash pick up this week.

UPDATE, MON 6:00 AM: It been nearly a week since Mother Nature dropped two feet of snow across most of the Tri State, and a new week is bringing some better news. But we still have a few counties under a state of emergency Monday morning.

In Indiana, those counties include Warrick and Perry. In Kentucky, McLean County remains in a state of emergency until 6:00 Monday morning. The state of emergency in Henderson was lifted at midnight.

next dr martens Here Are the Latest Road Conditions and Emergency Information
just because your county may no longer be under a state of emergency, you should not assume that means roads are clear. In fact, many are roads are still snow and ice covered.

And state police in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois say drivers are still going too fast for the conditions.

UPDATE, 10PM SUN: Since Wednesday, Evansville Road Crews have been working 16 hour shifts to make the roads safer for drivers traveling this holiday season.

One of the main problems crews are facing is the refreezing of roads. Much of the salt used, started to melt some of the snow away, but with temperatures falling into the lower digits the past couple of nights, that melted snow could create black ice. This makes for dangerous traveling conditions for drivers.

Road crews are setting their sites on secondary roads that still have a significant amount of snow on them. They are also focusing on clearing lanes on main roads, which are still covered or partially covered, to make travel easier for city drivers.

Jim Cruse of the Evansville Highway Department says that with temperatures starting to rise into the 30 starting Monday, roadways will be easier to clean since the snow and ice will begin to melt.

Their main focus will still be on clearing those secondary roads so cars that have been stuck since Wednesday can finally find their way out.

Also, trash pick up was hampered too by the winter storm. Here in Evansville, BFI stopped operation Wednesday at noon because of the snow. They will resume trash pick up Monday, but tell us they running one day behind.

UPDATE, 4PM SUN: Several counties are still under a State of Emergency around the Tri state. Those counties include: Warrick, Gibson, and Perry Counties in Indiana and Ohio, McLean, and Henderson Counties in Kentucky. Henderson State of Emergency will be lifted at midnight Sunday night. Law enforcement officials urge motorists to adhere to the laws and stay off the roads.

All Illinois counties have lifted their state of emergencies.

Road crews are working around the clock to clear the roads. But many roads are still hazardous.

State Police in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois want drivers to slow down due to the current road conditions. They say they having to rescue more slide offs than before.

UPDATE, 5AM SUN: According to the Kentucky road department, crews were out working 12 hour shifts even on Christmas Day to clean up the mess left by Winter Storm 2004.
next dr martens Here Are the Latest Road Conditions and Emergency Information