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Why didn’t I receive a semester bill in the mail?

All Penn State billing is now paperless. Tuition bills will no longer be mailed. Each time a payment is due, an email message will be sent to the student’s official University email account announcing that the eBill is available. They will then be available to view and pay via LionPATH.

Yes, if eligible, you may claim a staff discount on your semester bill and deduct 75% of the tuition only. The staff discount cannot be applied to room and board charges, Information Technology Fee or Activity Fee. The employee must fill out a “Dependent Grant In Aid Form” with the Employee Benefits Office, Rider Building (814 865 1473), to receive the discount.

Why does Penn State accept credit cards for the payment of tuition only over the internet?

Unfortunately, the Bursar’s Office cannot accept credit cards over the counter, over the phone, or by mail. Student account payments can only be made by credit card via LionPATH(Web based system). Penn State accepts Discover, Mastercard,
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or Visa. There is a 1.5% convenience fee for each payment made by credit card. With this method, payments can be made at any time of the day from any location. Only students can access their accounts on LionPATH. Bursar staff and others cannot access individual student accounts nor enter a student’s credit card number into LionPATH.

Why am I being charged an Information Technology fee?

The fee is a general University fee chargeable to all students, regardless of whether they are on or off campus. The funds from the fee are used for central computing facilities, which support and benefit all students at all locations of the University. The University is also attempting to insure that adequate computing resources are available to our students by increasing the number of student microcomputer laboratories.

The purpose of the student activities fee is to improve the out of class experience and improve the educational climate at Penn State. Income from the student activities fee is used to increase the number and quality of activities such as clubs and organizations, recreational and fitness programs, lectures, music and cultural programs and other campus programs related to the total learning environment. Each campus has established a student run committee that allocates these funds.

I dropped a course, but did not receive any tuition adjustment, why?

You must reduce your credits below Full Time (12 credits) before any adjustment is considered. In addition, the effective date of the drop, in conjunction with the length of the course,
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determines if any adjustment is due.

I am being billed as a nonresident of Pennsylvania. i would like to be considered a Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes? What do I do?

A student requesting reclassification as a Pennsylvania resident for tuition purposes must demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that her/his domicile is in Pennsylvania, and that her/his presence in Pennsylvania is not primarily for educational purposes. A student may challenge her/his residence classification by writing a letter, attaching supporting documentation, and sending it to the Residency Appeal Officer, 103 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802. The Pennsylvania State University Policy for Determination of Eligibility for Reclassification as a Pennsylvania Resident for Tuition Purposes is published in the Baccalaureate Degree Programs Bulletin and the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin. For further information about residency classification see also Frequently Asked Questions about Residency.

When does an undergraduate become an “upper division” student?

When the student has completed 59.1 or more course credits, including credits earned through advanced placement or transferred from another institution. This may cause a mid semester increase in tuition.

Why are upper division and graduate instruction more expensive?

Instructional costs are determined largely by who teaches the classes, how many students they teach, and what subjects they are teaching. Upper division and graduate courses tend to be smaller in size, and more of these courses are taught by more senior faculty members than lower division classes. These courses also involve more specialized instruction within the student’s major.
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