doctor martens shoes Free Articles Online Importance of Record Keeping to Enhance Productivity

ladies dr marten boots Free Articles Online Importance of Record Keeping to Enhance Productivity

Following a good record keeping practice is beneficial for any business. Properly organized records provide a view of the present financial status of the company. It also provides with information on all transactions made during past years like bills, receipts, statements, invoices, proof of payment etc which is useful in filing the returns and claiming tax deductions. Maintaining records ensures proper documentation of all information pertaining to business that employees or owners can readily access and help in increasing productivity.

Proper documentation done in record keeping provides information about all transactions done in last several years towards filing tax returns, expenses, purchases etc. Through record keeping one can get information on all activities of business. The owner can judge whether the business is earning profits or going into losses. This information helps in future planning as the owner can decide where the funds need to be diverted, policy of business regarding expenses and purchases, product pricing etc. Useful insights into various aspects of business can help in formulating future course of business by means of expansion of current facility, establishing new enterprises, tie ups, taking loans etc.

Records maintain information about all the transactions done by the business in the past several years. Information about purchases made and expenses done can give the current financial status of the business. Records pertaining to financial, legal aspects of business provide access to old information which the owner can compare with present status. This helps the owner to judge the performance of business as to whether it is in profit or loss. This information can help to take key policy decisions which can take the business out from losses. The records provide owner with information on which products to include and products that are selling. This information helps in business performance evaluation.

Helps To Forecast Future of Business

A complete financial history of the business can be received through effective record keeping. As the owner can get detailed information about transactions done in past, he can know about present profit and can even forecast future of business. Record keeping helps to correlate information on income, expenses, and other financial data which gives picture of how the business is going to perform in future.

Helps In Effective Cash Flow Management

Good record keeping ensures that all the transactions pertaining to finances of business, expenses, and purchases made are readily available at one place. The owner can effectively check the inflow and outflow of cash in the business. Cash inflows and outflows are important factors in business management. The owner can prepare cash flow statement as information about how cash is received and spend is available through records. Thus record keeping allows good cash flow management by making owner aware when and where the cash needs will arise and arranging bankers and creditors to meet cash needs.

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doctor martens shoes Free Articles Online Importance of Record Keeping to Enhance Productivity