pascal dr martens Everyone in a festive mood but me

agyness deyn doc martens Everyone in a festive mood but me

So how were your holidays? I missed Christmas I went over to dad and Janet for the weekend and I was fine, only a bit of tiredness, but the next day it hit me. Must have been the flu. I never threw up so much in years, I couldn even hold water down. It was awful.

Dad took me to the Colchester hospital, where they gave me a bag of fluid as soon as they found someone who could activate my port finally, they did, woohoo.

I could smell the turkey cooking and all the trimmings,
pascal dr martens Everyone in a festive mood but me
I could hear all the company and everyone was in a festive mood, but not me. I couldn get out of bed, the room would spin so bad if I moved my head. I would be reaching for the bucket every once in a while. I thought I was getting better and I could eat something or drink something. I was wrong. My PJs were soaked from the fever breaking through the night. When I went to the hospital I didn have a fever. I watched three days of Big Bang reruns. I lost seven pounds through it all.

The hospital was so busy that they put me in the OR. The doctor told me he could give me more fluids and keep me the night but I would have to sleep in the OR. No thanks. So he let me go home. I still dizzy even now but I get to see my doctor tomorrow, woohoo. The doctor has to decide if I can get my chemo this week. I hope so, I hate getting behind on my chemo.

My pain level was a 4 so that wasn too bad.

Thunder was happy to be away from home and get spoiled for a week he hated to leave. Dad spoiled Thunder and Janet took great care of me.

I finally got sprung in a week and we went to town but that turned out to be too much. Dad had mild heart troubles but he knows what to do so he was in bed for awhile.

A couple of days later we tried it again and went to Lee Frenchy then to Grammy Thrift Shop, then Walmart. And that did us. At least the head spells had stopped and dad heart was back to OK.

My oldest daughter Mandy got engaged over the holiday. I am so happy for her. She said yes to Justin (Gus).

My friend Geraldine in Glace Bay had her birthday on the 31st happy birthday Geraldine.

I got my hair cut since I was last talking to you all. It up to my shoulders now.

The sun is shining so nicely that you would never believe how cold it is out. This is such a hard time for the homeless you could call the homeless shelters and see if they need more blankets and if you have spares donate them. There are many things they may need and we just don think of it.

Are you all getting ready for the storm on the weekend?

I am trying to drink water even when you hide it with the flavours it still hard to drink.

Thank you for all the cards and gifts. I really appreciate them. If you want to reach me put C/O The News and I will get it.

Hope you all had a nice New Year I missed the ball drop. We were waiting, dad turned the station then we couldn find it again and when he did it was over. Ha,
pascal dr martens Everyone in a festive mood but me
maybe next year we get to see the ball drop.