size 3 doc martens District Judge Neff questions sheriff’s stand on federal gun proposals

dr martens website District Judge Neff questions sheriff’s stand on federal gun proposals

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. District Court Judge Janet Neff is critical of Kent County Sheriff Lawrence Stelma, who recently said that President Obama’s proposed gun control laws “ignore the real issues” in dealing with gun violence.

Judge Neff surprised by Sheriff Stelma’s stance on federal law

Recently Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma, was quoted saying that he will not abide by or enforce federal law which he determines to be unconstitutional. The comment was made in the context of discussion about proposed legislation concerning gun control.

After almost 43 years in the legal profession this came as a surprise to me. That aside, when the county’s chief law enforcement officer declares that he will not follow a proposed statute if enacted, the details of which are still nascent, he makes a mockery of the rule of law which he is sworn to uphold and it is a poor example indeed when he exceeds his proper role in such a blatant fashion.

I question whether there are other federal or state statutes which Mr.

Stelma deems unconstitutional or otherwise unworthy of his enforcement discretion. Perhaps he should publish a list. Both Governor Bobby Jindal and Karl Rove made this statement.

Karl Rove added that Republican party can’t simply be in mindless opposition to Barack Obama. Likewise, the pro gun crowd can mindlessly support the availability of these military weapons to civilians. Do they mindlessly believe this fulfills the intent of the Second Amendment? The subject legislators ARE mindfully fulfilling the sales objectives of the deep pocketed gun manufacturers lobby, however.

Being in opposition must be why some of the smarter conservatives are calling the GOP to wit, Mindless=Stupid.

We pay legislators to mindfully apply judgment and reason to add value in an intelligent way. Those in the NRA camp and their powerful support of gun manufacturers is one important reason that 20 innocent kids were slaughtered in Newtown.

I amazed at the quantity of readers who fail to understand why anyone would want to possess an assault style rifle. It could be militiaman protecting our freedom or simply a homeowner defending his property and family.

These are dangerous times as a natural, social or economic collapse couple appear on the horizon at any moment. This scenario is more likely to happen than ever before. Without any form of defense, looters and marauding bands of scoundrels will roam undeterred. That is when you will want equal or superior firepower.

Sandy and Katrina left many defenseless only to witness a weak response from the government. On this path of mismanagement we shall certainly become an Obama nation.

For myself, last year was a medically bad year with three major surgical procedures. Each required more than an overnight stay in the hospital. In addition, there were two minor surgical procedures and several months in physical therapy.

For one day’s service, one person billed $1,725. My two insurance companies paid a total of $310 and my remaining portion is zero. Am I complaining? NO!

My point is without the two insurance companies, I would have owed the whole $1,725, so what happened to the $1,415 difference? Is this a tax rip off or just medical extortion of uninsured people? Obviously, this present system is non functional for the uninsured people. A truth in medical billing law may lower all medical costs.

The so called Obamacare law also may lower medical costs or more likely my initial over inflated bill will become the normal standard cost. What can be done? Perhaps someday Congress will get its act together. That does seem very doubtful, doesn’t it?

Is it necessary for George Aquino to preface his food review by crowing about his “swanky” accommodations at the JW Marriott, after which he continues with a review of four chichi Miami restaurants. We get it, George. We fully grasp that you are living in the rarefied atmosphere of privilege and perks that are not relevant to the majority of the newspaper’s readership.

In these dire economic times, the Press and its readers would be better served to have a food critic who focuses on such amenities as: “senior” discounts, buyone, get one offers, on line specials, etc.

I see why Congress nothing is accomplished in the House of Representatives, Congressman like Bill Huizenga who chose to pursue their religious views and not address the problems in front of them is the reason Congress doesn’t work.

Why does he even to address a situation that doesn’t affect him, abortion, that is a situation that falls on a woman’s shoulders. It is something that affects her body not the Congressman. His religion has nothing to do with another person he doesn’t know, it not his business, government should stay out of the way here. The person involved has their reasons and they aren’t my business or the Congressman. It’s bad enough he’s like Congressman Amash who votes the way he wants and doesn’t care about the feeling of the people of his district.

I detest the Grand Rapids Press for pushing this conservative 18th century mentality in Western Michigan. Perhaps, this why your readership is going out the window, you keep pushing these conservatives, you lost me when you thought Sarah Palin was a legitimate vice presidential candidate. I’m still laughing.

Two articles in the Sunday Grand Rapids Press about the MEAP test were well done. Scott Baker did an excellent job of explaining this issues and how we got here, although I am not sure that I agree that exempting students from the test is the best solution. Dave Sipka is correct that assessment is important. Teachers have always assessed their students, usually using quizzes and final exams. But to be helpful, assessments must be timely. The results of the MEAP tests are not timely. Results that are not received for months are not particularly useful and raise questions about the real purpose of the test. I agree with Mr. Baker that parents and other citizens should become informed and make their voices heard in Lansing. The wrong people are influencing our representatives.
size 3 doc martens District Judge Neff questions sheriff's stand on federal gun proposals