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Ill considered thoughts on suicide [Letter]

September 26, 2014

The recent commentary regarding suicide ( “Explaining the inexplicable: suicide,” Sept. 23) implies that Jean Paul Sartre was influenced by Adolf Meyer’s ideas (“Sartre saw in Meyer’s depressive reaction what he called a “de differentiation”). It reminds me of a door to door salesman who tells me my neighbor just signed up for his product without merit and flashes his clipboard with a list of signatures. Is this true and can I please see my neighbor’s signature on your clipboard?

ARTICLES BY DATESay no to assisted suicide [Letter]

October 5, 2014

Bradley Williams makes a good point about the problems with legalizing assisted suicide, one of them being that people assisting a suicide may have their own agenda ( “The perils of assisted suicide,” Oct. 2). Mr. Williams gives as an example a recent Montana case in which a man is accused of encouraging a teenage girl to kill herself in order to prevent her from testifying against him in a rape trial. I am a doctor in Oregon, one of the few states in which physician assisted suicide is legal.

Doctor’s tapings, suicide raise broader issues

February 21, 2013

Unleashing your sociological imagination is a must! In the days of social media,
light pink dr martens Articles about Suicide
consumers are bombarded by media images and sound bites that become the “reality” of those who relish in having others think for them. The recent announcement by Johns Hopkins Medical System that a former employee was found dead the result of an apparent suicide made its way through the news feeds as top of the hour headlines (“Doctor is found dead amid taping inquiry,” Feb. 19). At face value, it appears that Dr. Nikita A. 28). The term “physician assisted suicide” means that a physician provides the means or information to enable a patient to perform a life ending act, such as through a lethal prescription. The premise of Ms. Fraser’s commentary is that legalization of physician assisted suicide will eliminate other types of suicides, such as those resulting from self inflicted gunshot wounds.

Assisted suicide is not the answer [Letter]

April 21, 2014

Del. Heather R. Mizeur’s call for legalized suicide for the terminally ill ( “Mizeur backs physician assisted suicide,” April 16) demonstrates incredibly poor judgment. As a senior, I have seen healthy seniors badgered or misled by relatives or significant others into making very bad financial and other decisions. The terminally ill are particularly vulnerable to such manipulation. Greedy heirs or those who are inconvenienced by a sick person can exert tremendous overt and covert psychological pressures to coerce the sick into legal suicide.

Suicide is an uncommon phenomenon. When you consider what people suffer because of medical illness, physical injury, the deprivations of old age,
light pink dr martens Articles about Suicide
mental illness, personal failure and the betrayal by others, one wonders why more people don’t choose to end their lives. Many are deterred from suicide by religious dictates, the social stigma associated with giving up in the face of hardship and the reluctance to abandon others by making this kind of exit. Even without these proscriptions, and under the most trying circumstances, life is often obstinately embraced until the very end. People just don’t want to die. Many of us have thought about the possibility of taking our lives at some point, wondering what would happen if the steering wheel were turned just slightly to the left as an oncoming car approaches, or considering the consequences of jumping out of a window eight stories up. 23). Yet The most recent suicide data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, in 2011, lists suicide as the 10th leading cause of death for Americans a reported 39,
light pink dr martens Articles about Suicide
518 people took their own lives that year.