marten attorney unsure about NV pot cases

dr martens brown attorney unsure about NV pot cases

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D Nev., among those with who hope to hear more from Dayle Elieson. Attorney who now holds the fate of Nevada’s nascent legal marijuana industry.

Elieson was named as Nevada’s top federal prosecutor on Jan. prosecutors to enforce federal laws against marijuana, even in states that have legalized use of the plant. Attorneys in other pot friendly states to resist the pot protection roll backs. Senators. Attorney only hours before she was appointed, using the chance to relay her concerns about the Trump administration’s new,
marten attorney unsure about NV pot cases
more aggressive posture toward legal pot providers.

The freshman senator said she also encouraged Elieson to continue in the spirit of the Obama administration’s more hands off approach to handling pot cases, though she’s not at all certain that Elieson will take that advice.

“(Elieson) said she didn’t have a position on it,” Masto said. Department of Justice of funding to enforce federal marijuana laws.

“I didn’t support (recreational marijuana),” Masto said, “but I think it’s a states’ rights issue.”

Masto was not consulted by the Trump administration ahead of Eliason’s appointment another instance,
marten attorney unsure about NV pot cases
she said, of Trump’s team bucking long observed traditions. Sen. Dean Heller, have stressed that Elieson is an interim appointee. attorney, pending Senate confirmation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions settles on another appointee.

The program allows the government to collect foreigners’ emails, phone calls,
marten attorney unsure about NV pot cases
text messages and other communications from American companies without a warrant,even if those foreigners are communicating with Americans.

Critics have long cautioned that the program born out of a secret, post 9/11 surveillance effort started by the George W. citizens’ communications.

Proponents, including Masto, have argued it helps keep Americans safe from terrorists. House this month passed a bill renewing the 10 year old program without an amendment that would have forced government officials to seek additional warrants to search for Americans’ communications. Rep. Dina Titus,
marten attorney unsure about NV pot cases
D Nev., also spoke out against the measure, one she said was “riddled with loopholes.”

“I cannot support a bill that subjects the communications of Americans to warrantless searches,” Titus wrote in a statement. citizens.

“This bill’s provisions that address warrantless searches fall short. citizens.”

But Masto said the Senate’s bill contained enough safeguards to win her support.

“It gives law enforcement the tools to protect against terrorism,” she said. It also includes oversight from Congress.

“I do know protections are in place (for Americans),
marten attorney unsure about NV pot cases
and I think Congress has an ongoing obligation to provide oversight.”