dr marten brogues Buy the things that last

patent dr martens Buy the things that last

As Valentine Day comes around, we all hoping for that special love that will last forever. Well, speaking of things that last are your belongings able to stand the test of time, or will they have to be replaced a few years or months after you buy them?

Unfortunately, we have all become accustomed to buying cheap items, having them break and buying new cheap things again and again and this endless cycle not only wastes money but sends a lot of extra junk to the landfill. It time to break the vicious cycle of consumerism.

But finding quality items that will last a lifetime is sometimes easier said than done. However, a couple of new websites with very similar names are now making this easier. It true, you could do the research yourself, but these sites make it simple and quick to find them.

Some of the brands are long established and well known (Le Creuset cookware and Zippo lighters, for instance), others not so much (Eagle Creek luggage and Darn Tough socks). Some, I admit, are very expensive. Others are surprisingly reasonable, considering the lifetime guarantee thing.

Buy Me Once the brainchild of London resident Tara Button not only wants to help us find items that last, but also to encourage all of us to change our buying habits, encouraging people to buy few great things they love, rather than huge amounts of clutter, according to the website.

Button long term goals are to challenge manufacturers to build products that last longer, and to change throwaway consumer culture.

At Buy It Once, you find such old reliables as Victorinox Swiss Army knives and Pyrex kitchenware, and potential new favorites like Saddleback backpacks and belts. Buy It Once also purports to evaluate products for workmanship, claims of unbreakability, and being ethically produced and environmentally safe.

I recommend checking out these sites, not necessarily to purchase anything, but to familiarize yourself with these long lasting brands. You may want to see if you can purchase them locally before ordering online.

Of course, I only mentioning a few brands there are many more out there so do your own investigations and seek out what right for you.

It worth it to spend a little more so you can get something that will be around for a long, long time. It will make your life easier, and even better, save you money. And that a change you can easily love.
dr marten brogues Buy the things that last