dr martens mens boots Burial at Sea Public Address Announcements

doc martens shoes sale Burial at Sea Public Address Announcements

“Being the best at what you do can really take it out on you. So unwind! At Fort Frolic: gamble, shop, take in a show or meet a new friend, all at Fort Frolic. Fort Frolic: Where the best and brightest celebrate success.””My daddy is a special daddy, he’s sending me to Little Wonders! A place where every girl is a princess. Is your daddy special? Not if he doesn’t make you a Little Wonder, he isn’t!””Witness the origins of the most important discovery in Rapture’s history: Sea Slugs, the incredible invertebrates that lead to the creation of ADAM. On display now at the Mermaid’s Landing Aquarium.””Visit the Defense Pavilion in Fort Frolic and start building your castle, today.”

Why Even Ask?Edit

“Can anyone ever make you feel like Sander Cohen can? Rapture’s most beloved musical artist returns with “Why Even Ask?”, his greatest album yet. Songs of love. Songs of joy. Songs of passion. Buy “Why Even Ask?” and invite Sander Cohen into your home today.””Wallet a little light? At Surgical Savings we’ll happily work out an affordable payment plan for any major procedure. Potentially terminal illnesses won’t wait until payday. Should you?””It’s scientific fact, that a diet rich in fish and sea greens improves cognitive function. Don’t you want to be as brilliant as you can possibly be? Visit Neptune’s Bounty. Smart for your brain, smart for your wallet.””Don’t settle for tiny little fruits and vegetables. We scientifically boosted our harvests, so a single banana can feed a family of four! Come see what we mean, at the farmer’s market in Dionysus Park: because bigger is better.””A man’s home is his castle, and should be defended as such. You should never back down to intruders in the night. And with Ryan Industries’ Home Defense Products, you won’t have to. Stand your ground,
dr martens mens boots Burial at Sea Public Address Announcements
it’s every man’s right.”

Dr. Steinman’s Aesthetic IdealsEdit

“Ladies, don’t let a few wrinkles or crow’s feet get between you and the man of your dreams. Whatever the flaw,Dr. Steinmanhas a solution. Come see him at Aesthetic Ideals in theMedical Pavilion. Dr. Steinman will make a new woman out of you. Guaranteed.”

Garry: “Betty, it’s five o’clock. Dinner should be on the table!”

Betty: “Oh, I know! But it won’t be ready for another hour!”

Garry: “Betty, haven’t you heard about the Radar Range? The latest home advancement from Fontaine Futuristics?”

Betty: “Oh gee! What’s that?”

Garry: “The Radar Range heats food from the inside, using “microwaves,” without gas or fire, in less than half the time!”

Betty: “Oh wow, that’s amazing! With the Radar Range, I can boil lobster tails in minutes! Or brew a delicious cup of coffee in seconds!”
dr martens mens boots Burial at Sea Public Address Announcements