dr martens red Burnaby’s Dominelli International College of Esthetics shut down

kids dr martens Burnaby’s Dominelli International College of Esthetics shut down

A Burnaby esthetics college has officially been closed after its registration was revoked by the provincial regulatory agency for private training institutions. (PCTIA). The closure comes after PCTIA suspended the school from operations on March 21, prohibiting it from enrolling students in any programs, including online correspondence courses.

Since then, the school had not resolved outstanding issues raised by the agency. Those included not providing documentation to show staff had adequate qualifications, not using an appropriate student enrolment contract, not storing student records securely onsite and not making them available to a PCTIA officer during a visit to the school.

Programs were also being offered by the school which had not been approved or registered with PCTIA, Kirkpatrick said at the time, “in particular those which were being called ‘workshops.'”

In addition to not addressing the issues, Dominelli continued to advertise itself on its website while suspended, against regulations, and has outstanding fees owing to PCTIA, Kirkpatrick said in an email.

After being closed by the agency, a school can not re register until outstanding fees are paid “or if the Registrar felt it was not in the public’s best interest.”

Registration with PCTIA is required by law for any school offering career programs costing more than $1,000 in tuition and lasting 40 hours in duration. This applies even when shorter,
dr martens red Burnaby's Dominelli International College of Esthetics shut down
cheaper programs are bundled to create a “diploma” since the cumulative tuition would make it subject to registration, Kirkpatrick noted.

Students paying tuition to unregistered schools are not covered by the Student Tuition Claim Fund, which can help reimburse some of that money if the school closes, or develop a plan that allows a student to finish their program at a different institution.

There are two classifications of schools under PCTIA. “Registered” is mandatory, while “accredited” requires higher standards of quality to be met. A school will not qualify for student loans unless it is at least accredited, she said.

Dominelli College had been suspended by PCTIA in 2009 for “failure to maintain the requirements of registration.”

As reported in the NewsLeader, it has also been the subject of complaints by former students who say they didn’t get the programs they signed up for and that they ended up in courses without having taken the pre requisites. One student moved to the Lower Mainland from the Northwest Territories to attend the school only to be told, she claimed, that the program she registered for didn’t exist.

In March, before the suspension, the school sent an email message to clients, graduates and business associates announcing that its facility at 6354 Beresford St. closed at the end of February.

It is “being renovated and will be temporarily closed until the fall of 2011,” said the message from school owner Rita Dominelli. The school will “be having a sale of esthetics products, supplies and equipment,
dr martens red Burnaby's Dominelli International College of Esthetics shut down
as the new facilities will have all new items.”