white patent dr martens Cafe under fire over ‘exploitative’ advert

dr martens 8 eye Cafe under fire over ‘exploitative’ advert

Abz Perveaz, who owns Delicious Desserts in New Road, placed a job advert which stated inexperienced applicants would have to complete up to seven days training without pay before they’d start earning.

Wyre Forest Labour said the practice was “unlawful” and called for a Wyre Forest fair pay scheme.

Mr Perveaz denied he was taking advantage of staff and said the training would be “non productive” and not involve making desserts to sell and was aimed at preparing them for working in his business, which opened last September.

“Whatever way you dress it up, it’s taking advantage of vulnerable workers, usually very young, and in this case most certainly teenagers, who are desperate to find work.

“I’d urge the business to stop this practice, treat their staff fairly and with dignity, and comply with the law.

“Wyre Forest Labour is quite prepared to start calling out bad employers who break the law and campaign on it.

“We’d also happily champion businesses who engage in good employment practice. Maybe it’s time for a Wyre Forest Charter of ‘fair pay employers’?”

He added that his party had also spoken to a former Delicious Desserts employee who had confirmed the practice and claimed she had done actual work which amounted to more than training.

But Mr Perveaz refuted the claims and said: “This is not my first business and I haven’t broken any laws. Bigger companies also do this.

“During the training, inexperienced staff will do non productive work and this is to make sure they are ready for work. They do not produce any desserts for customers.
white patent dr martens Cafe under fire over 'exploitative' advert