womens dr martens sale Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far

doc marten store Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far

By the time the doors closed for the day at the Christmas Bureau on Tuesday, volunteers had given more than $150,000 in food vouchers to more than 5,000 needy area families. The Christmas Fund, which pays for the vouchers, has raised about $17,000 more than the bureau has distributed just in vouchers. That doesn even count the 8,800 toys that have already been given to poor children at the bureau; the Christmas Fund pays for those, too.

This is where the generosity of the community comes in. This annual charity is an act of faith. By the time the bureau closes on Dec. 21, about $485,000 in vouchers and toys will have been given out. The Christmas Fund continues to take donations through Dec. 30, so the bills can be paid. It that simple. The law firm sent $5,500 and a letter: thank the Catholic Charities, Volunteers of America, and the Salvation Army for applying funds you collect from our community to brighten the season for children and families who call on the Christmas Bureau, wrote Laurel Siddoway, for the staff and attorneys of Randall Danskin. encourage our clients, friends and colleagues to join us in taking this opportunity to include as many of our neighbors as possible in the traditions and celebration of the holiday season. Randall Danskin donation brought the daily tally to $26,952.75, which bumped the fund to $166,985.27.

Here are the donors and their gifts:

Vehrs Inc., of Spokane, and its employees gave $2,000. challenge other wholesalers in the area to match or better our donation. We wish you all the very best this holiday season, wrote Vice President Stanley Fong.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Berg, of Spokane, sent $1,500 and a note: are trying to remember when we started giving in the names of our grandchildren. It may have been when we had only six. This year with Wyatt arriving in February, we are pleased to give in the names of all 15: Michael, Nina, Branden, Trevor, Brian, Dan, Julia, Lance, Nicole, Sabina, Sophia, Meridith, Luke, Nick and Wyatt. Taylor, of Athol, gave $1,000, as did an anonymous Spokane donor.

Merit Electric of Spokane, Inc., donated $500, as did Jim and Terry Coombes, of Nine Mile Falls.

The Spokane Valley Firefighters Benevolent Association, sent $500 and a note: are an organization formed by the Spokane Valley Fire Department for the sole purpose of helping the community at large. We are made up of both firefighters and members of the general public. Our funds come from United Way contributions, raffles, and our annual wine tasting held each March, wrote Treasurer Terry Soderberg.

Wafford Conrad, of Spokane, sent $500 in memory of Enid Conrad.

Two anonymous donors, both of Spokane, gave $500.

Joe and Iolanda Asterino, of Spokane, donated $400, as did Walter and Ruth Cummings, also of Spokane.

DIVCON, Inc., of Spokane, and its employees Sean Drury, Donald Hagreen, Shaun Salazar and Dustin Smith, donated $390. Inc., and several of our employees want to say Merry Christmas to Spokane. Each of our employees can donate to the charity of their choice and DIVCON matches their individual donations. As a Spokane general contractor, we appreciate your support of local families, wrote Secretary/Treasurer Susan Miller.

McVicars Associates, of Spokane, donated $350.

Larry and Joanna Kiewert, of Deer Park, donated $300.

Gary Miller, of Spokane, gave $300 in memory of his mother and father, Margaret and Lonnie Miller.

Claud Wilhite, of Spokane, donated $250, memory of our loved ones who have left us. May someone have a merrier Christmas. and Judy Lee, of Spokane, gave $250 in memory of Austin McKenzie and Ken Smith. Peggy Lew Eberly, of Spangle,
womens dr martens sale Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far
gave $250 in memory of her husband, Lee (Papa) Eberly. Heggem, of Spokane Valley, gave $250, as did Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morse, of Spokane.

The Hill family, of Spokane, gave $225.

Betty Bos, of Spokane, gave $200 in memory of her husband, Richard, believed in this fund. Wesley and Dorothy Newbill, of Otis Orchards, donated $200, as did Carolyn and James Craven, of Spokane; Dennis and Bonnie Hughes, of Deer Park; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pilcher, Norman Genung, and James Pearson, all of Spokane; and Peggy and Dan Jeremiah, of Spokane Valley.

Shirley Ann Walters, of Spokane, donated $200 in memory of Marvin Walters.

Mike and Kathy Eaton, of Spokane, sent $200 and a challenge: all read the list of donors. If you see a name you know, send a donation. Even if you don see one, send a donation and someone will see your name. and Carol Barber, of Spokane, gave $200 in honor of their grandchildren, Nicole, Lauren, Jack, Nicholas, Kevin, Grady, Gretchen and Zachary.

The Skaufel family, of Spokane, donated $155.

An anonymous donor, of Spokane, gave $151.

St. Joseph Catholic Church, of Metaline Falls, Wash., donated $150, as did William and Sharon Hare, and Richard and Lauretta Byrd, both of Spokane. Dan, Janice and Joseph Suttner, of Spokane, donated $150 in memory of Grandpa Tom Kadoya.

Steven and Rachel Socha, of Spokane, donated $150 through the Chubb Matching Gifts Program.

Virgil and Helen Duchow, of Spokane, donated $125.

Rosauer Store No. 29 donated $100, as did Robert and Pat Mueller, of Spokane Valley; Shirley Birchak, Loren Gothberg, Virginia Robinette, Emily Wilsey, David and Maxine Breshears, and the Crystal Chandeliers Dance Club, all of Spokane.

Bill and Enid Sagvold, of Spokane, gave $100, as did the Northwest Treasure Hunters Club, Elizabeth and Henry Baker, of Spokane Valley; and Katherine Chew, Andrea and Gary Gunning, Loralee and Jules Pieroni, Erica and Marian Anderson, Maroy and Mark Majeski, Ann Sanders, Ray and Cleo Strange, and Margaret Miller, all of Spokane.

Larry and Geri Comstock, of Colbert, donated $100, as did Gene and Diana Christie, Brian Parrish, Sherry and Jeffery Murr, and three anonymous donors,
womens dr martens sale Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far
all of Spokane.