doc martens outfit Buckle up for new fight in old battle over adult seat belt use in N

mens black dr martens Buckle up for new fight in old battle over adult seat belt use in N

Stacy Savage, an emergency room nurse at Wentworth Douglass Hospital, says she deals with the victims of car crashes all the time.

“Never once in the thousands of trauma victims that I’ve cared for have they said to me, ‘Gee I’m glad I didn’t wear my seat belt,’ ” Savage told a House panel as she testified in support of a bill that would mandate adult seat belt use in New Hampshire.

Savage, a member of the New Hampshire Emergency Nurses Association, told the chamber’s Transportation Committee on Tuesday that nurses get a front row seat for the pain and suffering of those involved in motor vehicle crashes.

“You’ve never been at the bedside to tell a 12 year old that her father died because he chose not to wear a seat belt,” she said, looking at opponents of the legislation.

One of those opponents was liberty activist Bill Alleman of Weare.

“All the personal stories and statistics you are going to hear today are surely heart rending, and certainly delivering bad news is incredibly hard,” Alleman said. “But these aspects are completely irrelevant to the fundamental fact that we each have a right to make our own choices, and, yes, even our own mistakes.”

Thirty five years ago, no states mandated seat belt use. That changed in 1984, when New York passed a law requiring drivers and passengers to wear seat belts. Most states followed quickly, except New Hampshire. While it requires those under 18 to wear seat belts, it’s the only remaining state in the nation not to require adults to buckle up.

“This bill seeks to eliminate the very last refuge on this issue. The last of 50. The final extinction of seat belt self government,” Alleman said. “There would be nowhere left to retreat for those who would dare claim the temerity to make their own decision, whatever that might be.”

And he called on lawmakers to “reject the insidious, insatiable, and un American nanny state.”

Before states started enacting seat belt laws, less than 15 percent of people buckled up. But today, the national average stands at around 90 percent. In the Granite State, that number is about 70 percent.

“The 136 people who died here in New Hampshire in those mostly preventable crashes during 2016 were average people,” said Rep. Mary Jane Mulligan, the sponsor of the bill. “People like you and people like me. Wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, children. Somebody’s loved one.”

The Democrat, who represents Hanover and Lyme, pointed out that no seat belt bill has been introduced since an earlier attempt failed in the State House in 2009. She said she introduced her measure “because many of my friends and constituents didn’t realize that New Hampshire didn’t have a seat belt law for adults.”

Opponents of the bill, House Bill 1259, argued it would infringe on their personal freedoms.

“I just believe there should be the right to choose whether or not to wear a seat belt,” Traci Beaurivage of Bedford testified.

And controversial state Rep. Josh Moore, a Merrimack Republican, urged lawmakers on the panel to reject the bill.

“We all have the freedom of choice, to choose whether or not we want to wear a seat belt,” Moore said.

But Mulligan pushed back against that argument.

“I believe that we can create positive change by joining the other 49 states with seat belt laws that have been proven to minimize risk of death and injury . without losing our personal freedoms,” she said.

“Just think of all the various highway safety laws that we currently abide by for the common good,” she added. “We have been doing this for so many years yet we are still remaining to be free.”

Democratic Rep. Tim Horrigan of Durham, a co sponsor of the bill, told the Monitor the state’s “Live Free or Die” motto might be misapplied in this case.

“I think opposing the seat belt law you’re maybe mixing up the slogan and maybe thinking it’s ‘Live Free and Die,’ ” he said

Horrigan predicted the bill has a good chance of winning the committee’s support, but “there will be the usual objections in the full House.”

Majority Leader Dick Hinch said House Republican leadership would oppose the bill as it is currently written. House Democratic leaders were waiting for the bill to come out of the committee before recommending any action.
doc martens outfit Buckle up for new fight in old battle over adult seat belt use in N

dr marten high heels C bar scene in new gear

dr martens black 8 eyelet boots C bar scene in new gear

Co owners Ruben Garcia and Sidney Rognoni borrowed the hipster ish bicycle bar concept from establishments such as the Denver Bicycle Cafe in Colorado’s capital and The Wheel in Austin, Texas.

Located near the Mississippi River Trail, Ruby’s also aims to be the go to meeting spot for cyclists.

“I know a lot of friends who like to have excuses to go drink a beer,” Ryan O’Leary, Ruby’s full time bike mechanic, said. “They say, ‘Let’s go do a bike ride and go to a bar afterward.’ I think we’ll be a stop for people.”

Along with burgers, sandwiches and salads, expect a variety of “not your typical brats,” Rognoni, who is curating Ruby’s food and cocktail options, said.

“Brats are really mobile, so that fit well with the idea,” Rognoni said. “We then wanted to elevate that from your regular old brat.”

Rognoni’s recipes calls for brats made in house with fresh ingredients and piles of flavor.

One brat is topped with blueberry or Thai slaw and another is topped with cream cheese, tomato, avocado and applewood smoked bacon that’s the “closest to pork belly” you can get, he said. A spicier offering comes with chorizo slaw, house made pico de gallo, avocado, chipotle cream sauce and lightly fried jalapeo.

“We’re going to hold the line on freshly made items; no pre packaged cheese or brats from the store,” Rognoni said. “We’re not going to compromise on it.”

Ruby’s is the latest in a string of establishments in downtown Davenport opened by Rognoni. He owns Bowls Urban Eats, which opened in June 2011, with his business partner Chris Odendahl. Just one block away on 3rd Street, Rognoni and his wife, Nicole, opened RAW,
dr marten high heels C bar scene in new gear
a bar specializing in high end cocktails and appetizers, in November.

“With this being so close to the bike trail and with the market not having an outdoor activity place, we combined all those thoughts,” Rognoni said. “It’s the convenience factor.”

The restaurant is currently in its soft opening phase, so its menu is limited to four brats, a few appetizers such as wings and pretzel bites. a, burger and a salad. Its offerings could expand to as many as 20 types of gourmet brats, Rognoni said. He’s just waiting for feedback from hungry bicyclists (and other patrons).

“The community is more important than anything with this,” he said. “They drive the menu and the atmosphere. They help us drive what it ultimately becomes and they will finish the vision.”

A dream fulfilled

When Garcia initially told friends about Ruby’s, which is a nod to his nickname, it took some explaining.

“The hardest part is for people to see the vision,” he said. “No one has done it before here, so there are going to be some questions.”

A portion of the 4,500 square foot building is dedicated to a supply of Rocky Mountain Bikes and Felt bicycles, which range in price from $300 to $3,500.

“It’s going to do the same thing as a regular bike shop,” he said. “As a bicyclist, I see it as a bonus that there’s just another bike shop in town.”

O’Leary, 37, who has been working on bikes since he was 6, said he hopes to take the edge off of the bicycle repair process.

“When you need to get your bike looked at, you probably come in and you’re flustered over it,” he said. “You can sit and have a beer or sandwich and let me worry about the bike.”

O’Leary plans to set up weekly bike rides from Ruby’s and hopes the restaurant will be incorporated in annual events such as the Tour de Brew QC.

“I see biking becoming even more popular because of places like Ruby’s,” he said. “You’re going to see a lot of bikes in town.”

Ruby’s activity offerings go beyond bikes.

Outside, a sand volleyball court is available with ample patio seating. A small pump track for BMX bikes, a barbecue pit and an outdoor movie area is also planned.

“I wanted to make it a place where I would want to hang out,” Garcia said. “It’s not just a bar and it’s not just about making money. It’s for the whole community.”
dr marten high heels C bar scene in new gear

womens dr martens sale Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far

doc marten store Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far

By the time the doors closed for the day at the Christmas Bureau on Tuesday, volunteers had given more than $150,000 in food vouchers to more than 5,000 needy area families. The Christmas Fund, which pays for the vouchers, has raised about $17,000 more than the bureau has distributed just in vouchers. That doesn even count the 8,800 toys that have already been given to poor children at the bureau; the Christmas Fund pays for those, too.

This is where the generosity of the community comes in. This annual charity is an act of faith. By the time the bureau closes on Dec. 21, about $485,000 in vouchers and toys will have been given out. The Christmas Fund continues to take donations through Dec. 30, so the bills can be paid. It that simple. The law firm sent $5,500 and a letter: thank the Catholic Charities, Volunteers of America, and the Salvation Army for applying funds you collect from our community to brighten the season for children and families who call on the Christmas Bureau, wrote Laurel Siddoway, for the staff and attorneys of Randall Danskin. encourage our clients, friends and colleagues to join us in taking this opportunity to include as many of our neighbors as possible in the traditions and celebration of the holiday season. Randall Danskin donation brought the daily tally to $26,952.75, which bumped the fund to $166,985.27.

Here are the donors and their gifts:

Vehrs Inc., of Spokane, and its employees gave $2,000. challenge other wholesalers in the area to match or better our donation. We wish you all the very best this holiday season, wrote Vice President Stanley Fong.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Berg, of Spokane, sent $1,500 and a note: are trying to remember when we started giving in the names of our grandchildren. It may have been when we had only six. This year with Wyatt arriving in February, we are pleased to give in the names of all 15: Michael, Nina, Branden, Trevor, Brian, Dan, Julia, Lance, Nicole, Sabina, Sophia, Meridith, Luke, Nick and Wyatt. Taylor, of Athol, gave $1,000, as did an anonymous Spokane donor.

Merit Electric of Spokane, Inc., donated $500, as did Jim and Terry Coombes, of Nine Mile Falls.

The Spokane Valley Firefighters Benevolent Association, sent $500 and a note: are an organization formed by the Spokane Valley Fire Department for the sole purpose of helping the community at large. We are made up of both firefighters and members of the general public. Our funds come from United Way contributions, raffles, and our annual wine tasting held each March, wrote Treasurer Terry Soderberg.

Wafford Conrad, of Spokane, sent $500 in memory of Enid Conrad.

Two anonymous donors, both of Spokane, gave $500.

Joe and Iolanda Asterino, of Spokane, donated $400, as did Walter and Ruth Cummings, also of Spokane.

DIVCON, Inc., of Spokane, and its employees Sean Drury, Donald Hagreen, Shaun Salazar and Dustin Smith, donated $390. Inc., and several of our employees want to say Merry Christmas to Spokane. Each of our employees can donate to the charity of their choice and DIVCON matches their individual donations. As a Spokane general contractor, we appreciate your support of local families, wrote Secretary/Treasurer Susan Miller.

McVicars Associates, of Spokane, donated $350.

Larry and Joanna Kiewert, of Deer Park, donated $300.

Gary Miller, of Spokane, gave $300 in memory of his mother and father, Margaret and Lonnie Miller.

Claud Wilhite, of Spokane, donated $250, memory of our loved ones who have left us. May someone have a merrier Christmas. and Judy Lee, of Spokane, gave $250 in memory of Austin McKenzie and Ken Smith. Peggy Lew Eberly, of Spangle,
womens dr martens sale Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far
gave $250 in memory of her husband, Lee (Papa) Eberly. Heggem, of Spokane Valley, gave $250, as did Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morse, of Spokane.

The Hill family, of Spokane, gave $225.

Betty Bos, of Spokane, gave $200 in memory of her husband, Richard, believed in this fund. Wesley and Dorothy Newbill, of Otis Orchards, donated $200, as did Carolyn and James Craven, of Spokane; Dennis and Bonnie Hughes, of Deer Park; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pilcher, Norman Genung, and James Pearson, all of Spokane; and Peggy and Dan Jeremiah, of Spokane Valley.

Shirley Ann Walters, of Spokane, donated $200 in memory of Marvin Walters.

Mike and Kathy Eaton, of Spokane, sent $200 and a challenge: all read the list of donors. If you see a name you know, send a donation. Even if you don see one, send a donation and someone will see your name. and Carol Barber, of Spokane, gave $200 in honor of their grandchildren, Nicole, Lauren, Jack, Nicholas, Kevin, Grady, Gretchen and Zachary.

The Skaufel family, of Spokane, donated $155.

An anonymous donor, of Spokane, gave $151.

St. Joseph Catholic Church, of Metaline Falls, Wash., donated $150, as did William and Sharon Hare, and Richard and Lauretta Byrd, both of Spokane. Dan, Janice and Joseph Suttner, of Spokane, donated $150 in memory of Grandpa Tom Kadoya.

Steven and Rachel Socha, of Spokane, donated $150 through the Chubb Matching Gifts Program.

Virgil and Helen Duchow, of Spokane, donated $125.

Rosauer Store No. 29 donated $100, as did Robert and Pat Mueller, of Spokane Valley; Shirley Birchak, Loren Gothberg, Virginia Robinette, Emily Wilsey, David and Maxine Breshears, and the Crystal Chandeliers Dance Club, all of Spokane.

Bill and Enid Sagvold, of Spokane, gave $100, as did the Northwest Treasure Hunters Club, Elizabeth and Henry Baker, of Spokane Valley; and Katherine Chew, Andrea and Gary Gunning, Loralee and Jules Pieroni, Erica and Marian Anderson, Maroy and Mark Majeski, Ann Sanders, Ray and Cleo Strange, and Margaret Miller, all of Spokane.

Larry and Geri Comstock, of Colbert, donated $100, as did Gene and Diana Christie, Brian Parrish, Sherry and Jeffery Murr, and three anonymous donors,
womens dr martens sale Bureau helps 5000 needy families so far
all of Spokane.

dr martens price California couple accused of starving

serena doc martens California couple accused of starving

CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) Teresa Robinette and her brother haven’t spoken with their sister, Louise Turpin, in years. Robinette said Turpin cut off all contact with her family after she left home at 16 to get married.”You know my parents before they died in 2016 begged to see her even on their death bed. They requested to see her. She didn’t even show up to either of their funerals,” Robinette said.Robinette lives in Blountville, which is more than two thousand miles from the Southern California home. Another sister lives in Cleveland. All 13 were malnourished.”We are as hurt and shocked and angry and disappointed as everybody else,” Robinette said. She escaped out of a window and called 9 1 1.Police said the couple’s children range in age from two to twenty nine years old.”I always made comments to Louise when I did talk to her about, gosh they’re so skinny, you know, and she would laugh it off, well David’s so tall and lanky,
dr martens price California couple accused of starving
they’re gonna be like him,” Robinette said.Police arrested Turpin and her husband.Their children were taken to the hospital and are now with adult and child protective services. It’s a new reality Robinette is having trouble understanding.”Across the United States, you can’t really do anything, you know, for your nieces and nephews. There’s no words,” Robinette said.The children’s parents remain in jail on charges of torture and child endangerment. Both are expected to be in court on Thursday.Trump discusses violence with video game execs and criticsTrump discusses violence with video game execs and criticsUpdated: Monday, March 12 2018 12:23 AM EDT2018 03 12 04:23:37 GMT(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File). FILE In this March 6, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump listens to a question during a meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. Trump plans to meet with .
dr martens price California couple accused of starving

dr martens sale but it not influenza

dr martens 1460 boots but it not influenza

“On the basis of the severity of the clinical presentation of some cases in this study, the (adenovirus) vaccine currently licensed for military use should be considered a potentially valuable resource to prevent disease in susceptible populations living in closed communities, such as college settings, summer camps, and long term care facilities,” they wrote in a report published this week in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

An outbreak of adenovirus killed 10 people in 2007. Kajon’s team tested college students at one campus during the severe 2014 2015 influenza epidemic and found 13 out of 168 students who came in for flu treatment had adenovirus infections.

Most patients may not suffer much, but the virus can cause very severe complications. Kajon and colleagues described the case of a 43 year old Rochester, New York woman, previously healthy, who became infected in 2012 and quickly developed pneumonia and respiratory failure. During her hospital stay she suffered brain swelling and bleeding and stayed on a ventilator for more than amonth.

A year later, she was still out of breath if she exerted herself.

There was also the case of a 26 year old Connecticut man infected in 2011 who had nausea, vomiting and chills. He spent days in the hospital with adenovirus infection.

There have been outbreaks in long term care faciltiies, also. But most clinics don’t test for adenovirus unless people are hospitalized with severe illness that isn’t helped by immediate treatment, Kajon said.

“These reports are probably the tip of the iceberg. We need more surveillance,” she said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps a log of reported cases of adenovirus.

“Outbreaks are more common in late winter, spring, and early summer but can occur throughout the year,” the CDC said.

There were so many outbreaks among new military recruits that the Department of Defense vaccinates personnel against two of the more serious strains with an oral vaccine. Vaccination was stopped for a few years in 1999 and outbreaks soared again, but there haven’t been many since the vaccine was re introduced in 2011, the CDC said.

Kajon believes it should be more widely available,

“This is a vaccine preventable disease,” she said. “A life is a life. Losing a loved one to viral pneumonia when you know it could have been prevented is hard.”

Adenovirus is not the killer that influenza is. Influenza kills between 12,000 and 50,000 people a year in the United States alone, and puts up to 700,000 in the hospital. But Kajon said her studies show adenovirus can be a significant part of the mix.

As with many viruses, there’s not a good treatment for adenovirus, although the antiviral cidofovir has helped some people with severe infections.

And adenoviruses are very hard to kill. Reports indicate they can survive on plastic and metal surfaces think countertops and hospital tables for a month. Some formulations of alcohol and chlorhexidine do not kill them easily, tests have shown, although chlorine does.
dr martens sale but it not influenza

design your own doc martens Budget 2018 highlights

dr martens pink Budget 2018 highlights

Rs 800 million for Export Market Access Programme to be introduced for companies with less than 10 Million dollars in earnings and for potential new entrants to the export market.

Restrictions on foreign ownership of shipping and freight forwarding agencies will be lifted

Rs 250 million will be allocated to support tea smallholders

All tourism service providers to register with the Sri Lanka Tourism Board to bring the informal sector under the broader tax net.

VAT refund scheme for foreign passport holders at airports and seaports from May 1, 2018.

New Production Tax to discourage polythene and plastic production

Rs 3 billion to accelerate Aruwakkalu waste management programme.

Registrar of Companies Department to implement one stop shop for company registration.

Meters will be made compulsory for three wheelers.

Restrictions that limit land ownership rights of listed companies with foreign owners to be removed.

High end technical colleges will be established with the assistance of Germany and Switzerland

Subjects such as genetics, robotics and nano technology to be introduced to school curriculum to prepare students for jobs of the future.

Rs 1.25 billion allocated to establish Medical Faculties and develop medical education at Wayamba, Sabaragamuwa and Moratuwa Universities.

Monthly payment of Rs. 3,500 to students in National Colleges of Education (VidyaPeeta) will be increased to Rs. 5,000.
design your own doc martens Budget 2018 highlights

dr martens adrian tassel loafer C doctor becomes focus of national TV news story

vegan dr martens C doctor becomes focus of national TV news story

A Quad City physician became a focus of a national TV news report this week that said taxpayers are being billed hundreds of millions of dollars per month for specialty prescriptions distributed online to veterans.

In the CBS News report that aired Wednesday on the network’s evening newscast, correspondent Jim Axelrod interviewed Dr. Paul Bolger on camera at his Davenport office as part of the segment about the cost to Tricare, the health benefit system for military personnel and veterans in the United States.

Bolger was identified as one of the physicians who has signed prescriptions for patients he has not seen, allowing them to obtain products used to treat pain, among other conditions, that come from a compounding pharmacy in California.

Now associated with a weight loss clinic called Medical Aesthetics Wellness Center, Bolger previously worked in emergency services for UnityPoint Health Trinity in the Quad Cities.

He declined to be interviewed when contacted Thursday by the Quad City Times, but he did issue this prepared statement through an attorney on Friday:

“I have done everything I can to provide and promote high quality medical care here in the Quad Cities for many years, whether in the emergency room or at the clinic.

“That includes our military veterans who I’ve always dropped everything to care for.

“In looking back, I should have verified my understanding that the patients had been seen by qualified healthcare providers before I signed those prescriptions.

“I sincerely regret I did not live up to my own high standards, and last week I personally suggested the Iowa Board of Medicine review my handling of these prescriptions.”

In the CBS News report, Major Gen. Richard Thomas, the head of the Tricare system, said patients who acquire drugs directly online without first being seen by a physician are costing taxpayers “hundreds ofmillions of dollars” each month.

Axelrod subsequently received a package in the mail containing pain and scar creams from a Palmdale, Calif. based compounding pharmacy, Haoeyou, with prescriptions having been signed by Bolger.

In his interview with Axelrod, Bolger said that he “didn’t disagree” with anything Axelrod said about the process, adding that he had “no excuses” and “no bad intentions.”

The doctor said further in the TV report that he was under the impression patients were being screened and spoken to by a qualified medical provider.

“That would be someone who is qualified to make decisions that it was safe for you to have these meds,” he told the CBS reporter.

Axelrod pointed out that he lives in New York and that Bolger is not licensed to practice medicine in that state. military was billed for prescriptions he wrote.

The doctor added that he is not the only physician in the United States who is part of the program. “Hundreds of others do this,
dr martens adrian tassel loafer C doctor becomes focus of national TV news story
” he said. “I believe almost none of them know the details of the system.”

After the on camera interview portion of the segment, Axelrod said Bolger told him he is not paid to write the prescriptions but actually reviews patients’ files and is paid less than $50 per file to do so.

“I’m not going to make excuses for what I was doing,”Bolger said on camera. “It’s not that I had bad intentions, it was that I was under the mistaken impression that patients such as yourself were being spoken with by a qualified medical provider someone who’s qualified to screen you, do a intake over the phone and make sure you were safe to have these meds.”

On the CBS News website Friday, the network states that Bolger told them after his interview with Axelrod that he iswriting prescriptions onlyfor patients he calls himself.

What is a compounding prescription?

“Compounding,” according to the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is a practice by which a licensed pharmacist, a licensed physician or, in the case of an outsourcing facility, a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes or alters the ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

Two or more drugs are considered a compounding combination, the FDA states on its website. In addition, the agency provides examples of why compounds may be used, including a case of patients with allergies who cannot take an FDA approved medication because its contains a dye, or a case of an elderly patient or child who cannot swallow a pill and needs an FDA approved medication in a liquid form that is not otherwise available.

The FDA does not verify the safety or effectiveness of compounded drugs. Generally, state boards of pharmacy have primary responsibility in day to day oversight of the drugs, the FDA states on its website.
dr martens adrian tassel loafer C doctor becomes focus of national TV news story

doctor martens 1460 burglar broke into Cirencester business through tiny toilet window

dr martens safety boots burglar broke into Cirencester business through tiny toilet window

“They tried to open the external doors. The toilet window was locked shut and they smashed a hole in it. They also covered the CCTV camera with a packet of toilet rolls.

“They stole a red Samsung smartphone. It was probably an opportunist, they stole a lot of batteries and very small items worth about 400.

“And they had the contents of the charity box for the air ambulance, which is the lowest trick you can pull,
doctor martens 1460 burglar broke into Cirencester business through tiny toilet window
which tells you what kind of people they are, they don’t care.

“Luckily they couldn’t find the keys to the main doors and were only able to take small items through the window.

“It pisses me off and costs me a few hundred quid. But you just crack on. When you’re running a business, you just think: why do you bother?”

He however praised police for their response: “Gloucestershire Police were really really good. The beat officer was here within an hour and forensics were here within an hour and a half. It was a really positive experience.”

Contrary of Richard’s account of items stolen however,
doctor martens 1460 burglar broke into Cirencester business through tiny toilet window
police said that nothing of particular value was stored in the premises and that all that was taken was a box of sweets.

yellow doc martens Calvert police briefs

dr martens outlet store Calvert police briefs

On. Jan. 9, Dfc. Tim Mohler responded to the Prince Frederick Walmart for the report of a controlled dangerous substance violation. He located the vehicle matching the description given by emergency communications and entered the store in an attempt to locate the vehicle’s owners. The suspects, identified as Joseph Bateman, 41, of Charlotte Hall and Taylor Schreiber, 23, of Lovettsville, Va., were placed under arrest after a search of the vehicle resulted in alleged narcotics and paraphernalia. Both were transported to the detention center and charged with possession of crack cocaine and paraphernalia.

Deputy Kirk Williamson was on routine patrol in the area of N. Solomons Island Road and Dalrymple Road on Jan. 14 when he observed a vehicle allegedly fail to stop at a red light. Williamson conducted a traffic stop and a police dog sniff resulted in a positive alert. A search of the vehicle resulted in alleged narcotics and paraphernalia. The driver, Brittany Rainbolt, 30, of Owings, was arrested and transported to the detention center, where she was charged with possession of Oxycodone hydrochloride, Oxymorphone hydrochloride and paraphernalia.

On Jan. 14, Dfc. Aaron Locke responded to Hall Court in Owings for the report of damaged property. The victim said someone entered his backyard and knocked over several Christmas lights.
yellow doc martens Calvert police briefs

dr marten serena but landslide predictions have stopped

dr martens 1462 but landslide predictions have stopped

Due to a sharp decrease in how quickly 20 acres are accelerating down Rattlesnake Ridge, officials say it’s difficult to predict when the impending landslide will happen.

“We’ve pretty much taken the end date off the table; it’s too hard to predict when it will occur,” said Joe Smilie, a spokesman with the state Department of Natural Resources.

Late last year, officials predicted the landslide could occur by mid January. That estimate was later revised to sometime in early March. Officials now say the slide which is moving at a rate of 1.7 feet per week hasn’t stopped moving, but it isn’t gaining speed, an action that can indicate a landslide is growing more imminent.

Some 55 local, state, federal and Yakama tribal agencies are monitoring the slide, working to mitigate potential impacts and developing different response plans for a variety of scenarios. Those scenarios range from a slump that would see most of the landslide stopped at an inactive quarry on the south side of the ridge to a massive slide that closes Interstate 82 and dams the Yakima River.

On Tuesday, rocks continued falling into the Anderson quarry at the base of the ridge,
dr marten serena but landslide predictions have stopped
where experts say most of the 4 million cubic yards of rock and soil will land.

Most quarries receive some rockfall, Smilie said, but the Anderson quarry has seen a significant increase over the last few months. He said anywhere from a few cubic yards to 20 cubic yards of rocks have fallen, ranging in size from tennis to soccer balls.

Despite some rain and snow in the forecast for the next week, officials at the Yakima County Office of Emergency Management say the weather won’t have an impact on the landslide’s movement.

“The only thing affecting it is gravity,” Smilie said.

Meanwhile, emergency officials have turned over videos taken earlier this month to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office for possible charges against a number of people seen scrambling around massive cracks that have opened up above the quarry.

If identified, the people could face $10,000 in fines and a year in jail for trespassing, said sheriff’s office chief criminal deputy Bob Udell.

Inslee’s office has declined to issue a declaration, saying it wasn’t warranted. But the statement said both Inslee’s and Newhouse’s offices were monitoring the situation and were prepared to take action.

“We spoke this week and are ready to mobilize the state and federal resources and proclamations necessary to assist impacted communities and infrastructure, in the moment they can be most impactful and responsive to the community,
dr marten serena but landslide predictions have stopped
” the statement said.